Group rules

Group Rules

Qultura rules of group website use

Groups on Groupbox, like this one, are subject to several sets of rules. The creator (or creators) of this group have the ability to add or remove rules at any time. You, as a member or potential member of this group, are subject to those rules.

Group specific rules (Last updated 2/3/2018 9:19:35 PM)
Please keep all communication civil.
No flaming, trolling, personal attacks or stigma. 
No commercial or profit making activities. 
Please be aware this is online. While we do what we can to administer and moderate this group fairly and consistently this does not absolve you of any personal responsibility for your own safety and well being. 
Sharing resources. We generally disapprove of people sharing resources and making donations to people online in such spaces as this. If you need to pass on resources or donate to someone for whatever reason please do this via the Qultura website at

Groupbox rules (Cannot be changed by group creators)
Regardless of any additional rules added by group creators, these rules will always be considered.

You have the right to:
- Have any information submitted by you, to Groupbox, permanently deleted at any stage;
- Enjoy Groupbox without being persecuted, victimised or harassed in any way;
- Request that your personal information be kept from third party, non-Groupbox organisations;
- Request information on how your information is stored and who is able to view it within Groupbox, provided this does not risk the integrity of other users information;

In addition to these rules, Groupbox can:
- Remove any user created content at any stage for any reason for any amount of time;
- Add, remove or alter any aspect of the Groupbox website or its user created content;
- Deny access to or permanently remove any user, or alias of a user, at any time for any reason;
- Stop providing any service on the website, including the website itself, for any reason, for any length of time;