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Lucy has joined the group. 5:49:46 PM 08-Feb-2018
Bobbie has joined the group. 10:30:08 PM 16-Sep-2016
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Miles has joined the group. 8:48:30 AM 31-Aug-2016
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Matheus has joined the group. 1:22:11 PM 29-Aug-2016

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This is a group for 9gaggers who are interested in finding friends all over the world. Somewhere we can talk in private two and two, or with everyone else. Here you can chat with a total stranger to learn about the world, or just to improve your English. You can plan travels to distant places with the people who live there, or you can invite a fellow 9gagger to crash on your couch, and show him (I assumed gender, sorry) the best part of your town. Maybe share the best recipes from your country, or some local music that hasn’t spread to the rest of the world. Do whatever you like. Have fun :)

There are 10 member(s) in this group.

This group was created on Sunday, August 28, 2016 8:28:31 PM (Over 2 years ago)

This is an open group that anyone can join.

The subdomain for this group is: http://9gagneighbours.groupbox.com