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Welcome to Davis Pet Sitters!

We are Davis residents who have a 2-year old Mini Schauzer named Kalie. We also travel every now and then to places that don't take dogs. We can't stand the idea of boarding her, so we created this group for Davis residents and U.C. Davis students to share pet-sitting services!
Please create a mini profile of yourself and your pet(s) so that other members can get to know each other. 
Let us know if you have any questions!
Maryam & Sunil
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A group for Davis residents and U.C. Davis students who want to share pet-sitting services.

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This group was created on Saturday, July 16, 2011 5:49:35 AM (Over 7 years ago)

This is an open group that anyone can join.

The subdomain for this group is: http://davispetsitters.groupbox.com