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All are welcome who want to have a friendly discussion about the Truth. This

Truth we set us free as we embrace the Truth. Glory to the Most Holy Trinity always.



Ash Wednesday February 14, 2018 and the beginning of Lent 

Mother of Jesus pray for us

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Let pray to all the souls in Purgatory 1 post
Started by Doc on
Last post 6 months ago.
by Doc
How Sola Scriptura Actually Weakens the Authority of the Bible 1 post
Started by Doc on
Last post 5 months ago.
by Doc
San Padre Pio incorruptible body 1 post
Started by Doc on
Last post 7 months ago.
by Doc
National Day of Prayer for victims of Hurricane Harvey 1 post
Started by Doc on
Last post 6 months ago.
by Doc
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To defend the Catholic Church, as the only Church Jesus founded and all the teachings. We listen to the Church, we listen to Jesus. Everybody of all faiths and no faith are welcome for friendly debate about the Truth

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