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Welcome to HelpBox, an unofficial HELP group for Groupbox users.

Set up so that members can help other members navigate and get to know Groupbox
Look in here if you need any help navigating around YOUR Groupbox groups site.
We are a member help member forum and do not pretend to have all the answers.
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Join Group:-  You are more than welcome to browse our pages to find your answers, but you wont be able to ask a question or join in unless you are a member.
Home:-  Our homepage where you can find a quick glimpse into the group.  (You are here now!)
Discussions:-  Here you will find a few Discussion boards with many topics on each.
Articles:-  Come here and add games that you play at your group that you would like to share with others.  Don't forget to add rules, players required etc, and any pictures needed to play the game.
Members:-  A list of our current members.
Example Tab:-  Look here for how to set up your own "Content Pages".
Games:-  Play games with other Helpbox members here.  Add a game or two for us to play too if you wish.
Chatroom:-  Might open if we see a need for it. 
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How to delete my account? 2 posts
Started by Jean on
Last post 12 days ago.
by Dude
Email for validation is not going out 4 posts
Started by Doc on
Last post 1 month ago.
by Dude
Will: Invites to Groupbox Apparently Not Working 8 posts
Started by Fran on
Last post 1 month ago.
by Fran
Weekly Top Members Is Not Working Under The Quick Nav 5 posts
Started by Susan (Bluesea) on
Last post 4 months ago.
by Susan (Bluesea)
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A place for ALL Creators and Officers of Groupbox Groups to help each other sort out FAQ's...And a place to keep in touch with what is happening and what is coming up here at Groupbox!

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