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Volume 19
 Chapter 163
Chapter 163: "What Refuses to Decay...!!" – The two Sannin stand before each other, and Tsunade prepares to heal the man who betrayed Konoha. Elsewhere Naruto's group rushes to stop Tsunade. Kabuto also reflects on Orochimaru's past boasts that Kabuto is not man enough to kill him. Tsunade begins to charge her chakra when a kunai flies in. It's Kabuto! Orochimaru is surprised at the betrayal... of Tsunade! He understand Kabuto could recognize Tsunade's killing chakra, he tells his former teammate that he really did plan to honor his bargain. Tsunade says she knows she was a fool, even though Orochimaru was lying about not attacking Konoha again, she would have did anything to hold those precious to her one more time. Tsunade remembers how Nawaki, Dan and Naruto all pledged their lives to becoming Hokage. She understands her feelings will never go away, but she can't betray what it means to protect her village. Angered, Tsunade jumps into the air and brings her heal smashing down on Orochimaru and Kabuto. They jump away but the power of the kick crumbles the surrounding earth and buildings. Tsunade is ready to fight!
 Chapter 164
Chapter 164: "Medical Ninja!!" – Orochimaru states he never fought Tsunade before, but that doesn't reassure Kabuto since he'll be the one fighting. Kabuto states they should move elsewhere since Shizune and another Sannin are on the way. The thought brings a smile to Orochimaru's lips. Later, Naruto's group arrives at the castle and moves to locate the other Sannin. Miles away, the battle continues. Kabuto consumes a soldier ration pill and charges chakra scalpel. Tsunade realizes he is highly trained in medical jutsu. Kabuto uses a doton to pop from the ground. Tsunade tries to avoid his strikes but he connects on her arm, thigh and chest, severing her muscles. As Tsunade falls to her knees, the young ninja gloats about cutting muscles near her lungs. He states he won't kill her yet because they still need her, in the next instant Tsunade is up and has struck Kabuto in the neck, rearranging his nervous system signals! Kabuto has a hard time moving, as signals to move an arm, now move a leg. As Tsunade tries to heal herself, Kabuto begins to quickly work out how to move his body. Kabuto yells that such a technique isn't enough to defeat him, he pulls a kunai and charges at Tsunade! Before he can reach her there is an explosion before him, it's Naruto's group! Jiraiya and Orochimaru exchange wise-cracks and a surprised Naruto notices Kabuto!
 Chapter 165
Chapter 165: "Naruto, Attacks!!" – Tsunade charges through her back-up at Kabuto. He swiftly cuts his arm spilling blood all over the shocked Tsunade. The fear of blood freezing her, Kabuto slugs her. Naruto can't understand why Kabuto is fighting, so Jiraiya points out the Sound emblem on his headband. Kabuto says Naruto was always dense and doesn't have the make-up to be a ninja, unlike his teammate Sasuke. This angers Naruto. As Shizune comforts Tsunade, Kabuto tells Naruto he is nothing compared to the Sannin. An angered Naruto charges at him and create Kage Bunshin. As he moves in, Kabuto whips blood into their eyes, hits them and then flings the real Naruto away. As the clones disappear Shizune catches Naruto and spits needles out of her mouth at Kabuto. No time to react, he barely moves to deflect him with his forehead protector. Jiraiya tells Shizune to handle Kabuto; he'll try to handle Orochimaru. Because of Tsunade's psychosis she won't be able to heal Jiraiya in time. Jiraiya tells Naruto to save his chakra. Jiraiya and Kabuto move to summon... as two giant snakes rise, Jiraiya has managed to summon... Gamakichi!?!
 Chapter 166
Chapter 166: "A Ninja's Talents...!!" – Orochimaru surmises Jiraiya was drugged in preparedness for the Edo Tensei technique. Naruto tries to summon as well. Orochimaru states a fully developed Naruto in tune with Kyuubi could be difficult... but when the smoke clears, only a small toad shows! Gamatatsu, Gamakichi's clueless little brother has arrived. Orochimaru and the snakes come bearing down and everyone jumps away. A snake goes to swallow Naruto but Jiraiya creates a swamp below the snakes to swallow them. He could not create it deep enough though because of his poisoning. Shizune and Kabuto exchange jutsu but he disables her by cutting her heals. Naruto frees himself from the snake’s mouth but realizes he has a broken femur. On a snake, Orochimaru charges at Jiraiya and lengthens his neck to bite Jiraiya. Jiraiya lengthens his hair and turns it to spikes but Orochimaru is able to bite his throat. Below, Kabuto begins to kick Tsunade and Orochimaru ponders why Jiraiya bothers with a washout like Naruto. Jiraiya replies it's no fun training one born a prodigy like Sasuke. Orochimaru knows Jiraiya was hopeless as a kid as well. As Jiraiya tells his former teammate it's not important to learn a bunch of jutsu, Kabuto reaches back to punch Tsunade again. And then as Jiraiya says it's most important to have a spirit which never gives up, Naruto pushes through the pain to stand in front of Tsunade to stop her beating!
 Chapter 167
Chapter 167: "The Arrangement...!!" – Naruto charges Rasengan, but Kabuto easily side-steps him and severs his leg muscle. Kabuto pulls his nin-card info on Naruto and coldly tells him he should run away now if he doesn't want his dream to die with him. He states though that running away means not living up to what that dream requires. Tsunade then begins to think back on her past and her former words to Naruto about a real man not going back on his word. Naruto begins to stand and says he is not giving up, that's his way of the ninja. Kabuto strikes Naruto but he still stands his ground. Naruto asks Tsunade to recall their bet and he creates a Kage Bunshin. She thinks this foolish and Kabuto charges with a kunai determined to kill Naruto for his insolence! She yells for Naruto to flee but he moves his hand so the kunai pierces the palm allowing him to grab hold of Kabuto's hand and not let go. Naruto says he won't die because he's going to become Hokage! With the Kage Bunshin's help he charges another Rasengan in his free hand and to Tsunade's surprise connects with Kabuto's chest full on!
 Chapter 168
 Chapter 168: "Just One More Time" A mini-typhoon engulfs Kabuto and sends him flying back into a nearby rock. The Sannin are all surprised by the technique, but Kabuto is still barely standing. Blood bursts from Naruto's mouth and as he falls to the ground Tsunade rushes to his side. Kabuto states he could take the attack because he was healing that part of his body before the hit impacted. His cockiness fades though as he falls to the ground, his chakra wasn't enough to combat the Rasengan. Tsunade tries to save Naruto, his heart erratic the only hope is Tsunade's healing. Kabuto gloats she is in as worse position as Naruto, but she yells for him to shut up. As she begins to apply healing to his chest, the Kyuubi inside feels it getting darker. She pleads for Naruto to not die, and he weakly extends his hand to grab her necklace. She heals his pierced hand and remembering back to Nawaki and Dan, she asks another to wear the necklace once again... the bet fulfilled, she begins to cry. On the snake, Orochimaru realizes Naruto might just become a bigger hassle later on with Akatsuki involved, so he dives down. Jiraiya follows but Orochimaru extends his tongue, and flicks the following Sannin away into the ground. Extending his sword Kusanagi from his throat he bears down on Naruto. Just as he is about to strike he connects... with the chest of Tsunade! She has stepped in the way to take the blow for her fallen comrade!
 Chapter 169
 Chapter 169: "To Bet One's Life...!!" Orochimaru states he wasn't meaning to kill Tsunade and asks why protect the brat. She says to protect Konoha, because Naruto is its future Hokage. Orochimaru says such a desire it foolish. Those words echo in Tsunade, as she had repeated them often in the past. She thinks on how the past Hokage all bet their life on bringing peace and prosperity to the village, and now she to will do the same! Orochimaru scoffs at this and pulls out the sword and cuts a huge gash across her chest, knocking her to the ground. He readies to strike Naruto again but Tsunade jumps in the way. As Orochimaru asks why she is doing this he is suddenly struck backwards, Tsunade's trembling has stopped and her forehead seal mark has been released! She coolly states she is doing this because she is the Fifth Hokage of Hidden Leaf! Shizune sees Tsunade forming a handseal but begs her to stop. Tsunade ignores her and activates her secret cell creation jutsu Souzou Saisei. Chakra expands from her forehead healing all her wounds! Tsunade states how she gathered chakra to her forehead over time, and then released it when needed. Shizune thinks how the technique shortens Tsunade's life because of the limitations of cell multiplication. As Tsunade wipes blood on her arm, Kabuto calls for Orochimaru and "Manda"! Kabuto wipes blood over Orochimaru's summon tattoo and Jiraiya moves to summon as well. A huge explosion reveals Gamabunta, a huge snail and huge snake!
 Chapter 170
 Chapter 170: "The Battle of the Legendary Three!!" Gamabunta reflects it's been a long time since he's seen Tsunade, Katsuyu, Orochimaru and Manda. The snake Manda reacts annoyed to his summoning, threatening to eat those who brought him there. Tsunade asks Katsuyu to take Naruto to Shizune and she complies. Manda and Gamabunta exchange wisecracks and the Sannin state this is the end of the "Legendary Three." Katsuyu moves first spitting acid at Manda, but he moves and coils around the snail. As the constriction grows tighter, Katsuyu explodes into smaller snail bunshin. Gamabunta tries to swipe at Manda with his knife but the snake grabs it with his mouth and throws it away. Gamabunta jumps away and Jiraiya asks for oil. Forming handseals, Jiraiya breathes fire into an oil stream spit from Gamabunta's mouth creating a huge fireball. It engulfs Manda but he managed to shed his skin and flee underground. A snake part rises from the ground and Gamabunta grabs a hold, realizing too late it's Manda's tail. Manda himself bursts from behind the toad boss to bite him. Flying through the air is Tsunade and Gamabunta's knife. She swings it in the air, connecting above Manda's nose and pinning it straight through his snout into the ground. Orochimaru extends his tongue around Tsunade's neck but she grabs and pulls... yelling it's time to end this as her fist connects with Orochimaru's face!
 Chapter 171
 Chapter 171: "The Inheritor" As Orochimaru's body gets flung backwards on to Manda, the snake decides he's done and dematerializes. Orochimaru boasts there is still another way for him to get his arms back, and as he and Kabuto flee the group notices a young woman's face under Orochimaru's torn away skin. The group is injured and unable to follow. As Tsunade stands over the unconscious Naruto, the effects of her jutsu arrive and her body grows old. She states some rest will revert her to her younger appearance. The group returns to the bar, and Naruto says he can't believe such a lying and selfish old hag has become Hokage. Tsunade demands they take it outside, so Naruto prepares to fight. Tsunade states she'll only need one finger, and when Naruto boasts he'll one day be Hokage she breaks a slight smile. Naruto charges and Tsunade knocks off his forehead protector, but instead of a finger flick, she plants a soft kiss on his forehead. She tells Naruto to become a good man, and to herself she asks him to become a good Hokage as well. Naruto blushes and the group soon leaves to return to Konoha. As they walk, Tsunade happily thinks that Nawaki and Dan's dream are being carried on today in the young man Naruto.

Volume 20
 Chapter 172
 Chapter 172: "Returning Home" Tsunade is to be officially announced Hokage, but Naruto diverts her priority to the hospital. Shikamaru and his father greet Jiraiya and Tsunade, with Naruto gossiping to Shikamaru about her. Shikamaru and his father have a little talk about women, which leaves Shikamaru even more averted to them. Neji and Tenten discuss the news, with Neji distracted by his training. Chouji and Ino celebrate Shikamaru’s new position of Chuunin with Asuma treating them to a meal. Tsunade heals Sasuke and Kakashi, to Sakura’s great relief. However, when she examines Lee, she becomes highly anxious.
 Chapter 173
 Chapter 173: "Affliction" Lee’s using the Reverse Lotus and taking Gaara’s attacks gave him injuries so serious that surgery performed even by Tsunade’s hands may kill him. With a 50% success rate and torturous rehabilitation ahead of him, Tsunade advises him quitting as a ninja. Naruto tells Iruka of his latest adventure over a bowl of ramen before running off to check on Sasuke’s condition. Sakura, who had been at his bedside since Itachi hospitalised him, brings Sasuke some sliced apples. To her shock, Sasuke swats them aside in rage. Meanwhile, back at his base, Orochimaru commands his four bodyguards to return to the village.
 Chapter 174
 Chapter 174: "Each and Their Path...!" With forces still strained from the attack, almost every Chuunin and Jounin is assigned to a mission. Ino gives Chouji a little advice on girls, before Shikamaru mentions she could take some of it herself. They boys have a little talk about comparing their abilities briefly. Naruto walks in on the scene between Sakura and Sasuke, who delivers him a murderous look. Sounding disgusted at Naruto and Tsunade, Sasuke activates his Sharingan and demands a fight with Naruto – right here, right now! Even more shocking is the fact that Naruto accepts gladly!!
 Chapter 175
 Chapter 175: "Naruto Vs Sasuke!!" The team makes their way to the hospital roof to stage their duel, with Sakura watching nervously. Both participants exchange some very bitter words before the fight. Naruto produces a load of copies, but none match Sasuke’s taijutsu skills. Naruto tries to hit a Naruto Combo, but Sasuke uses the final part of his hand sealing to block it and take out the clones with Goukakyuu! On his way down, Sasuke sees one final clone preparing a Rasengan, prompting him to fire up his own Chidori. Overwhelmed, Sakura rushes in between them before they kill each other.
 Chapter 176
 Chapter 176: "Bitter Rivalry..." Neither Naruto nor Sasuke can stop themselves in time and a violent crash happens… as Kakashi appears from nowhere and slings them both away to save Sakura’s life. Their hands both puncture water tanks and Sasuke smirks over the bigger hole he made. Kakashi talks him down and Sasuke ignores him, wandering off angry and annoyed after seeing the exit wound in the tank Naruto made being far larger. Kakashi confronts Jiraiya about a few things, notably the way Sasuke is developing. Sakura is reassured that things will be okay by Kakashi afterwards, but Sasuke’s expression says otherwise, unaware that he is being watched.
 Chapter 177
 Chapter 177: "The Four Sounds" Introduces Kidoumaru, Jiroubou, Sakon and Tayuya. Sasuke is tied to the tree… and Kakashi delivers a stern lecture to him. Sasuke asks Kakashi to step into his shoes, but Kakashi tells him that everyone close to him had already been killed and that Chidori is a power to protect the people Sasuke is lucky to have, then releases and leaves him. As night falls, Orochimaru’s bodyguards leap into action. Elsewhere, Orochimaru comments that Sasuke is not powerful enough to deal with them. A theory to test as Sasuke is introduced to them by name and easily defeats their decoy attack...
 Chapter 178
 Chapter 178: "The Temptation of the Sound...!!" Sasuke fights Sakon. Despite an excellent attack that occupies all of Sakon’s limbs, an attack from nowhere sends him reeling. Kidoumaru and Jiroubou join in, but Sasuke still gains the upper hand on Sakon and lands a Lion Combo directly. Elsewhere, Sakura invites Naruto on a date as cover to fill him in on the truth of Sasuke’s situation during the Chuunin exam. Sasuke, meanwhile, is beaten around some more by the Sound Four then given an offer – the same power they display in return for his allegiance. Sasuke hesitates in his reply...
 Chapter 179
 Chapter 179: "Don't Forget...!!" Sasuke is beaten against a wall and re-asked the question. He responds with his trump card, the Curse Seal… and gets beaten down again as Sakon displays a Curse Seal of his very own. He is also warned of his carelessness, as excess use the seal will eventually strip him of his free will. Orochimaru holds the answer to obtaining the true power, Tayuya tells him, reminding him of Itachi. With that, they depart, leaving Sasuke with a leaf in his hand that he crushes. Elsewhere, Lee reflects on his status, thinking back to his academy days, Gai’s encouragement and the bizarre rivalry Gai and Kakashi have. He feels a hand on his shoulder and Gai comforts his student.
Chapter 180 
 Chapter 180: "It's a Promise!!" Lee reflects on his past and segregation in the academy for his inability to use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu and mild skill in Taijutsu. Gai spurs him on and reminds him that to give up on his dreams would mean his life so far would be for nothing. Thinking back to his rivalry with Kakashi, Gai remembers the risks and goals he set himself, creating the ideal to push his limits further and further in order to strengthen himself. With supreme confidence, he tells Lee the life-or-death surgery is just another challenge to overcome. If it should fail, Gai would end his life too. With a gigantic hug, Lee reaffirms his way of the Shinobi and faith in Gai.
Volume 21
Chapter 181
Chapter 181: "The Fight Begins...!!" – Making the decision to leave Konoha behind and follow the path Orochimaru has offered, Sasuke packs and turns his Team 7 photo face down. However, as he tries to vanish at nightfall, Sakura blocks his path. Overflowing with emotion, Sakura pours her heart out to him and begs him to stay, reminding him of their memories and threatening to alert everyone if he does leave. Sasuke, like their first real meeting, tells her once more that he finds her annoying and knocks her out. Leaving her on a seat, he joins the messengers Orochimaru sent and begins his journey...
Chapter 182
Chapter 182: "The Gathering!!" – Izumi and Kotetsu, while labouring, spot Sakura and quickly report the news back to a sleepy Tsunade. Shikamaru is called from his breakfast to round up the only forces in the village, a Genin team, with a recommendation from Tsunade that Naruto is part of it. Soon, Shikamaru, Naruto, Chouji, Neji and Kiba assemble at Konoha’s gate. Lee stays behind, still unable to fight.
Chapter 183
Chapter 183: "Promise of a Lifetime" – Shikamaru draws up a plan and formation that will be the most efficient, warning everyone that his orders are for their own safety. After checking equipment, everyone’s departure is interrupted by a solemn-looking Sakura. Breaking into tears, she requests that Naruto brings Sasuke back. Naruto promises with a thumbs-up. Outside Konoha, Sasuke and the Sound Four stop suddenly. Sakon informs Sasuke that in accordance with Orochimaru’s wishes, Sasuke has to die...
Chapter 184
Chapter 184: "Sound Vs Leaf!!" – Sakon says that the power will come in the form of a pill that enhances the Curse Seal. The seal’s infection spreads too fast and would kill, but the Sound Four have methods of eliminating the fatal side effects. As Sasuke eats it and drops unconscious, the Sound ninjas quickly encase him in a barrel covered in charms, tags, enchantments and inscriptions, sealing it shut. Back at Konoha, Lee’s ambitions to continue being a Shinobi cause Tsunade to reflect on the village’s younger generation. Meanwhile, a group of Konoha ninjas run into the Sound Four, who prepare for a fight and activate their own Cursed Seals...
Chapter 185
Chapter 185: "In Pursuit of the Sounds...!!" – Genma leads the attack on the invaders, but Shizune arrives to a scene of slaughter. Genma manages to cough out that their techniques are not the usual Shinobi style. Kiba smells blood, making Shikamaru realise that the Sound ninjas will now be more careful. Already, Shikamaru spots a trap that has two layers, just stopping Naruto triggering it in the nick of time. Neji scouts ahead with his Byakugan and notices the invaders have stopped to rest, giving Shikamaru time to make a plan of attack!
Chapter 186
Chapter 186: "Mission... Failed!?" – As the Leaf ninjas advance, Kidoumaru’s spider web trap is tripped, alerting him. The team is discovered and Kidoumaru keeps them under pressure, revealing that his spider threads are everywhere and the trap was actually triple-layered, making everything else a diversion. Suddenly, the Sound Four become immobile as Shikamaru’s Shadow Imitation hits successfully. However, a barrage of shuriken from nowhere breaks his hold and Jiroubou traps them in a prison made of earth rising from the ground. Kiba tries to break it open, but it simply reassembles before their eyes. Neji sees that it is reinforced with chakra, but worse… the prison is slowly sucking the chakra from them!
Chapter 187
Chapter 187: "Praying for Mercy...!!" – With their strength slowly draining, even Kiba and Akamaru’s Double Piercing Fang fails to penetrate the prison. Shikamaru then tries to bargain with Jiroubou, asking to save himself. Everyone in the team turns sour at Shikamaru’s actions, except Chouji who starts to eat. Shikamaru notices that some parts of the wall repair slower… the ones furthest from Jiroubou, whose position was located from his voice. Concentrating one attack on the arena furthest from him, Chouji rams it and bursts through, freeing the team!
Chapter 188
Chapter 188: "Hidden Leaf's Shinobi...!!" – Jiroubou applauds their efforts, before giving them the rewards of a titanic mound of earth thrown at them. Chouji breaks up chunks of it, but Jiroubou’s brute force taijutsu knocks him back. Shikamaru decides that one person should stay back and hold him, volunteering, but Chouji takes his place. Everyone else departs and the two mammoths wrestle each other. Shikamaru knows of Chouji’s trump card… and the side effects it also carries...
Chapter 189
Chapter 189: "The Power of Trust...!!" – Shikamaru hopes Chouji doesn’t use the red pill in the set of 3, hoping the blue one that increases Chouji’s strength is enough. Chouji wraps himself in kunai and turns into a spiked wrecking ball, demolishing Jiroubou’s earth wall and stabbing him. Jiroubou quickly activates his Cursed Seal, insisting Chouji was left behind for being the weakest. Chouji takes the second, yellow pill and uses partial Multi-Size strikes, followed by a super Multi-Size, growing to Godzilla-size proportions and laying on Jiroubou. However, from underneath him, he feels something lifting him... and Jiroubou’s monstrous Cursed Seal fully released...
Chapter 190
Chapter 190: "Inexcusable!!" – Jiroubou’s seal infects him to the second level, increasing his strength more than tenfold. Chouji reverts to his normal size and finds himself wracked with pain from the pills. Shikamaru still has confidence in him and leaves him a message on a tree. Jiroubou continues to humiliate Chouji, stealing the last bite of his snacks and insulting his friends. Chouji denies it, especially Shikamaru’s lack faith in him and swallows the red, final pill. All the calories and fat in his body convert into pure chakra, which forms into two huge butterfly wings, then concentrates into his left hand. The slimmer Chouji then delivers a crippling blow for stealing the final snack, a second for humiliating him, then a final, fatal punch to Jiroubou’s chest for insulting his friends.

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