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Volume 10
 Chapter 82
Chapter 82: "Lee’s Secret!!" – Lee has difficulty trying to penetrate Gaara’s shield of sand. Gai admits to Sakura that Lee isn’t using Taijutsu only through choice, because he is unable to use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. Gai advises Lee to take his leg weights off, which enables Lee to move at superhuman speed. Gaara is shocked, as Lee becomes the first human able to physically put a scratch on him.
 Chapter 83
 Chapter 83: "Absolute Defense Crumbles!?" A small portion of Gaara’s last line of defence, the sand armour, is cracked to reveal his true face. Lee pulls out his strongest move so far again, the Omote Rene (Front Lotus). Gaara lays motionless and the crowd cheers… only for Gaara’s decoy to dissolve into sand while the real Gaara rises from behind Lee!
 Chapter 84
 Chapter 84: "The Genius of Hard Work" Gaara becomes more vicious, taking advantage of Lee’s wasted effort. Gai recalls Lee’s unending determination as he once again stands up. Sakura grows concerned despite Lee being in a terrible condition, but Gai assures her that “The lotus of the Konoha blooms twice!”
 Chapter 85
 Chapter 85: "Now..." Kakashi recognises Gai’s handiwork, realising Lee is about to use a virtual suicide attack that will ruin his body, losing his respect for Gai. Lee removes the limits on his body and brain, allowing him to recover and access insane dormant power. Lee shreds Gaara’s defences like paper and then prepares to use his final attack the Ura Renge (Reverse Lotus)!
 Chapter 86
 Chapter 86: "A Great Ninja...!!" Pouring all his power into a single blow, Lee sends Gaara hurtling from the ceiling to the floor. Gaara barely survives with a last-second trick, but panics and tries to kill Lee. He manages to completely crush his arm and leg before Gai intervenes and stops the fight. Lee rises once more even though he is unconscious, and Gai forces him back before he kills himself. Seeing Lee protected, Gaara’s mind begins to unravel.
 Chapter 87
 Chapter 87: "Prelims Conclude...!!" The doctors agree that Lee’s body is too badly injured to allow him to continue as a ninja. Kakashi realizes that he would have done the same in Gai’s shoes and apologises. Dosu beats Chouji with ease, but plots revenge on Orochimaru. With the final match over, the third exam will now begin.
 Chapter 88
 Chapter 88: "Where’s Sasuke...!?" Sakura worries about Sasuke’s condition. Orochimaru and Kabuto discuss their plans and decide Naruto will get in the way of acquiring Sasuke, with Kabuto taking action. Hokage informs the participants they have one more thing to do to prepare for the final exam. Kakashi stops Kabuto before he reaches the unconscious Sasuke, and the two prepare to fight.
 Chapter 89
 Chapter 89: "Naruto’s Request...!!" Kakashi tries to force answers from Kabuto, but he escapes using his prowess as a medical genius, by disguising his true self as a murdered ANBU corpse. Hokage, Anko and Ibiki help to draw up the next exam’s brackets. The participants have one month to do what they will before the exam, which will be a tournament designed not to determine a winner, but to show off abilities during the matches, which will be judged by high-ranking VIPs. Naruto goes to ask Kakashi to help train him but Kakashi says he has someone else in mind to teach Naruto... Ebisu!
 Chapter 90
 Chapter 90: "What About the Training!?" Naruto is displeased at Ebisu teaching him, but Kakashi convinces him to do it anyway. Ebisu teaches Naruto the basics of Chakra control again by asking him to walk on water. Naruto learns quickly and secretly, Ebisu acknowledges him. Just then, the two catch a peeping tom spying on the women’s bath in the hot spring they’re training in. Ebisu is about to punish him, but the pervert summons a toad and defeats Ebisu in a single move!
Volume 11
Chapter 91 Chapter 91: "Disciple Application" Introduces Jiraiya. The pervert introduces himself as a legendary hermit sage and the writer of Kakashi’s favourite novels. With Ebisu down, Naruto convinces the pervert sage to train him instead by appealing to his lust. The sage is also aware of Orochimaru and removes the Five Element seal, allowing Naruto’s Chakra control to improve. Back at Konoha, Dosu launches an early attack on Gaara but is petrified by what he discovers. Ebisu talks with the pervert, revealing him to be Jiraiya and begging for his help against Orochimaru.
Chapter 92 Chapter 92: "Leaf and Sound and Sand and..." – Kabuto and Baki watch from the rooftops as Gaara turns Dosu into a bloodstain on the roof. Hayate overhears the two discussing their plans for Hidden Sound to launch an invasion with Hidden Sand as backup and is discovered then by Baki. Hayate performs the impressive Crescent Moon Dance, but Baki already has an even more devastating counter. Jiraiya helps Naruto slowly learn Toad summoning, except Naruto can barely summon more than a miniature tadpole. Back at Konoha, Hayate’s corpse is left in ruins by Baki’s Wind Blade…
Chapter 93 Chapter 93: "Each’s Passion" – Naruto can still only summon tadpoles. Kakashi recalls a meeting among Konoha’s officials deciding to take action against Orochimaru if he attacks. Sasuke and Kakashi rendezvous on a cliff top. Sakura and Ino witness a crippled Lee still trying to train in bandages and casts. Meanwhile, Naruto’s summoning improves at a snail’s pace with his tadpoles at least having back legs. Jiraiya and Naruto continue to bicker regardless.
Chapter 94 Chapter 94: "Key" – Naruto’s toads have 4 legs but still a tail. Jiraiya isn’t helping through staring at bathing women. Anko is depressed over Orochimaru and her inability to stop him but Sandaime Hokage reassures her. Sandaime also greets an academy class where Iruka reveals that Sandaime was and still is considered a god among Shinobi. Naruto’s training reaches the point that to achieve what he needs to, his life must be endangered – Jiraiya arranges a suitable situation.
Chapter 95 Chapter 95: "The Meeting" – Naruto plummets into a chasm after Jiraiya pushes him. In Hidden Sand Village, Kazekage instructs Baki about the invasion with Hidden Sound. Baki relays the orders and some of Hidden Sand’s history to his Genin team, including the reason Gaara was “made”. Naruto goes through a spiritual revelation and meets the imprisoned Kyuubi inside him, informing him that unless the Kyuubi gives him some of it’s Chakra, both will die. Naruto quickly performs a summon and is saved, landing on a toad just as big as the Kyuubi!
Chapter 96 Chapter 96: "The Sudden Intruder" – Naruto summoned none other the Yakuza-like ruler of all toads, Gamabunta. Naruto’s arrogance leads to the pair arguing over who is the master of who, until Gamabunta accepts Naruto as his subordinate eventually. Waking up 3 days later in Konoha hospital to Shikamaru (who was visiting Chouji who comfort-ate after his loss to Dosu to the point of self-injury) after exhausting himself, Naruto discovers Gaara in the hospital about to murder Lee and stops him just in time, with Shikamaru’s help. The pair demands to know what Gaara is there for...
Chapter 97 Chapter 97: "Reason to Exist" – Despite Shikamaru’s best efforts to make Gaara leave, the sand Genin repeats that his desire is to kill Lee and them too if they interfere. As his childhood is questioned, Gaara reveals his past isn’t too different from Naruto’s – a demon sealed inside him at the cost of someone else’s life, causing all around to hate him. Raised with his mortality threatened constantly, Gaara sees everyone as his potential killer and seeks to pre-empt them all. Gai stops the fight before it starts, causing Gaara to once again become emotionally disturbed before leaving, but swearing to kill them too later.
Chapter 98 Chapter 98: "A Proud Failure" – Before the match between Naruto and Neji, Hinata has a brief encounter with Naruto. They exchange encouragement and Hinata almost confesses about the true feelings in her heart, while Naruto admits that Hinata isn’t the creep he first thought she was. The Chuunin finalists line up for an audience of VIPs and villagers alike, except for Sasuke who is yet to even arrive, causing concern among both participants and spectators. The referee tells them to stop looking distracted, as the spotlight in the tournament is placed on them alone.
Chapter 99 Chapter 99: "Main Event Commences!!" – Kazekage joins Hokage at the pinnacle of the stadium, recommending he finds a successor in his age. As the referee notes to the competitors that the tournament’s card has had some minor changes, notably the lack of Dosu, Gaara smiles in knowing irony and recalls earlier events where he stalked Sasuke while Kakashi trained him. The referee also announces anyone who is late will be auto-disqualified. Naruto once again swears to take Neji down for his attitude. Calm and cool, Neji promises to give Naruto a reality check...
Volume 12
Chapter 100
Chapter 100: "Prepared to Die...!!" – Naruto decides to stay back and allow his clones to surround and fight Neji. However, all 5 are defeated easily, as Neji preaches about destiny again. Kabuto, meanwhile, takes the disguise of an ANBU member to watch the events. Neji fends off an even bigger round of clones, closing in on the one staying back the most, knowing Naruto’s advantage lies in staying out of range of the Gentle Fist style. As he launches an attack, he discovers that one is also a clone as another two Naruto decoys – or maybe Naruto and a clone – jump out on him. Tenten, watching from the audience, feels tense as Naruto’s fist sails towards Neji...
Chapter 101
Chapter 101: "The Other...!!" – Naruto connects with a punch, only to have it parried at the last split-second as Neji whirls in a flash of Chakra! Hyuuga Hiashi recognises it as the Kaiten, or Heavenly Spin. Tenten gloats to herself about her teammate’s 360-degree vision and his ability to expel Chakra from every pore on his body. Hiashi remarks how Neji learned a move that he shouldn’t even know the existence of! To shock him even further, Neji pulls out another Main House exclusive, the 64 Divine Hands and totally shuts Naruto’s Chakra flow off. Even now, Hinata is still injured by Neji and is attended to by an ANBU member. As she is led off, Naruto teeters on his feet and questions Neji’s ideology. Neji has no choice but to tell all...
Chapter 102
Chapter 102: "The Bird in the Cage...!!" Neji reveals that the Hyuuga Branch Family is branded with a seal that forces them into slavery for the Main House, that the Main House can activate to potentially kill them and destroy the Byakugan as a safety measure. Neji’s own father, Hizashi, was the fall guy in a conspiracy by Hidden Cloud to obtain a Byakugan sample. When their ambassador was killed by Hiashi in an attempt to kidnap Hinata on her 3rd birthday, Hizashi was secretly sent in Hiashi’s place then killed by the seal to prevent Hidden Cloud obtaining Byakugan. Because Hizashi was born after Hiashi, their fates were determined since that day and the notion has been Neji’s view on life.
Chapter 103
Chapter 103: "Loser!!" – Neji declares Naruto has no right to question his beliefs until he had been in the same situation. Naruto claims the right under being the avatar of the Kyuubi and Neji is a hypocrite, trying to escape the destiny he says is so set in stone. The ANBU member, who treated Hinata heals her although she sleeps, then applies another forced sleep to Kiba and Akamaru. Naruto’s lack of Chakra flow stops him fighting back, until he reveals his taboo by publicly releasing the Kyuubi’s Chakra, confirming to those who knew and revealing those kept in the dark that he is the living reminder of Yondaime and the Kyuubi.
Chapter 104
Chapter 104: "The Power to Change...!!" – Revitalised by the Kyuubi, Naruto bounces off another Kaiten unharmed. As the two rush at each other with explosive power, Naruto promises that once he becomes Hokage, he will change the ways of the Hyuugas personally. The two then clash in the middle of the arena and a devastating meeting of Chakra erupts. After the smoke clears, Naruto lays in a pile of gravel while Neji slowly approaches the pit. Suddenly, Neji looks at the ground between them as with one final surge of guts, Naruto claws his way through the earth with bloody fingernails to deliver an uppercut that sends Neji down for the count. After explaining how he masked the hole he dug with a clone, Naruto offers warm advice to Neji in victory.
Chapter 105
Chapter 105: "The Great Flight!!" – Naruto’s victory is a welcome surprise. The cheers of the crowds take him one step closer to being approved by everyone. Still recovering from his battle, Neji is visited by Hiashi. On his hands and knees, he humbles himself and reveals the truth of the tragedy – Hyuuga Hizashi sacrificed his own life instead of being discarded as a pawn in the way Neji originally thought. It was even against Hiashi’s wishes for Hizashi to die, but to fight destiny, Hizashi willingly became the offering to Hidden Cloud. The two reconcile their differences.
Chapter 106
Chapter 106: "Sasuke Fails...!?" – The next fight is Gaara VS Sasuke, but nobody knows where he is. The feudal lords and even Kazekage begin to grow impatient, while Shino suspects Sasuke may be saving his own life by not facing Gaara. Gaara himself is suspected by Baki of murdering Sasuke earlier. Kazekage requests the disqualification rules be ignored, as Gaara VS Sasuke is highly anticipated. Instead, Kankurou and Shino’s match is moved down the card. Even so, Kankurou forfeits the match. Temari prepares to face Shikamaru, who promises not to lose to a girl.
Chapter 107
Chapter 107: "The Guy with No Motivation!!" Temari seems to be as smart as Shikamaru. As he sits idle, Temari dishes out a huge gust. Shikamaru’s shadow reaches its limit in front of Temari, alerting her to the weakness. Kurenai worries but Asuma recognises Shikamaru’s thinking posture, telling her that Shikamaru is a practical Einstein of strategy and that his IQ is actually over 200! As he sets up his plan, Temari realises his all-defence strategy is to stall her until he has more shadow area to use, seeing through his plan!
Chapter 108
Chapter 108: "A Hidden Path to Victory...!?" – Temari once again dodges Shikamaru’s shadow and forces it to maximum length. Suddenly, the shadow gets a boost and almost captures her, thanks to Shikamaru making a mini-parachute from his forehead protector, kunai and jacket! However, Temari once again sees through to the technical side of it and knows the weakness, now planning to take him apart. As she prepares the hand seals, she suddenly becomes helpless – bound by the Shadow Imitation! Shikamaru used the darkness-filled tunnel Naruto dug earlier to gain more length and trapped her, with his previous strategies being mere decoys. However, Shikamaru also realises he is at his limit and gives up, giving Temari the surprise win.

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