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Volume 22
 Chapter 191
Chapter 191: "Friends...!!" – Choji unleashes his strike directly into Jiroubou's chest, flattening him into the ground. His opponent loses consciousness and returns to his regular form. With a great strain on his body, Choji walks away towards the direction of his friends. Remembering his dads words about making a true friend someday, Choji sees an arrow the group left, his body giving out, he slumps against the tree and falls motionless. Elsewhere the group rushes on, thinking they're being underestimated because they have not yet run into any traps. Further ahead and the Sound ninja greet the return of Jiroubou, Tayuya curses him out and he merely offers an affirmative in return. Kidoumaru realizes the fake, Shikamaru drops the Henge and the group begins to fight. Shikamaru and Kiba quickly get pinned with sticky spider threads, and Naruto and his clones get stuck in a spider web. As Kidoumaru looks on, Neji jumps in from behind him...
 Chapter 192
Chapter 192: "Plan...!!" – Neji narrowly misses Kidoumaru, who then swings to quickly surround and cover the Leaf ninja in a sac of his threads. Naruto tries to cut himself free of the web, but its maker boasts it is very resistant. Inside the thread, Neji begins to break down how it works, with Kidoumaru's chakra giving it strength, even after being expelled from his body. Kidoumaru then begins to expel daggers of hardened thread. Wondering which is the real Naruto, he begins to hurl the daggers. One by one he sticks the clones and they poof away, leaving one final Naruto. Being full of himself, Kidoumaru gloats he has the real one and throws. But when the dagger hits, the last Naruto disappears as well! Jumping from behind Kidoumaru comes Naruto, but the Sound ninja spins around and lassos him with thread, things look grim until Neji comes from nowhere and cuts the unbreakable thread freeing Naruto!
 Chapter 193
Chapter 193: "Game Over" – The Leaf regroup and Neji tells them to go on, stating Naruto can rescue Sasuke from the darkness like he did for him. They head out and Kidoumaru sends sticky thread after them. Neji takes the brunt of it and spins, cutting the thread away. Kidoumaru begins to get excited about the chance to fight and defeat his opponent quickly. Neji uses his Byakugan to see how Kidoumaru expels the thread. Just then flowering cobwebs are fired, which Neji tries to cut and avoid, but one catches him and he gets pinned to a tree. Kidoumaru breaks down how Neji emits a needle-like point of chakra from his fingers to cut his threads using the Juuken. With Neji pinned he states he can take him out, leaving Neji to raise a slight grin. Kidoumaru rears back and expels a hard piercing stream of thread, Neji focuses and emits chakra from his body, cutting the threads and avoiding the strike. In an instant he is below Kidoumaru, in the stance of Hakke Rokujuuyonshou!
 Chapter 194
Chapter 194: "Probing Each Other" – Neji unloads the strikes on Kidoumaru, sending him crashing to the ground below. When the dust settles, Kidoumaru is revealed standing, covered in hardened spider thread. He gloats he can emit the thread from every pore on his body. The two ninja size each other up, and Kidoumaru jumps away, cutting a thread to send kunai at Neji. It lands harmlessly and daggers come flying in from all over. Neji does Kaiten to knock them away and then hurls a kunai back directly at the hidden Kidoumaru. Surprised, Kidoumaru realizes he can't play around and activates his level one seal. He summons a large spider, who emits many baby spiders to come raining down on Neji. Neji spins to knock them away, and as he slows Kidoumaru throw a kunai to strike his opponent while he's vulnerable.
 Chapter 195
Chapter 195: "Strategy...!!" – Neji emits chakra to deflect the kunai, and realizes all the thread is slowing his movement. All hail of daggers and spiders begin to come after him. He defeats most but some get through and cut him. Elsewhere the remaining Sound ninja state Kidoumaru likes to play around, and that level two would mean game over. Kidoumaru unleashes more daggers and realizes there must be a weakness. Neji is tiring and Kidoumaru releases the spider to come crashing down onto his opponent. With a Juuken upper thrust, the spider explodes to reveal more daggers raining down onto him. Neji falls to the ground and Kidoumaru goes level two, expelling thread to form a hardened bow and arrow. He pulls back and unleashes it as his weakened opponent.
 Chapter 196
Chapter 196: "The Strongest Foe!!" – The arrow hits and when the dust settles, Neji stands away from its impact crater. He realizes his foe has found the Byakugan’s weakness. A surprised Kidoumaru sees his missed a killing blow by mere centimeters, but still managed to pierce Neji's shoulder. He surmises the Leaf ninja emits chakra to detect incoming attacks. Neji realizes this is his toughest opponent yet. Kidoumaru determines there is a small blind spot emanating from Neji's upper back, so he fires another arrow tied to a string to adjust its flight. The arrow flies through everything in its path, missing Neji by inches due to the tree it went through. Kidoumaru creates a new drilling arrow and prepares to fire. Neji realizes how weak he is, wondering what Naruto would do in his situation. Flashbacking to Naruto saying he'd definitely win, Neji grins states he has no chance to avoid it. The arrow fires, tearing through the forest and it pierces Neji through the stomach...
 Chapter 197
Chapter 197: "Unyielding Determination!!" – The arrow pins Neji to a tree and Neji quickly grabs the thread and sends his chakra into it, traveling all the way back and into Kidoumaru mouth and gullet. The Sound ninja is damaged, he falls to the earth and Neji thinks over his past with Naruto, and how Naruto said he wasn't a loser. Elsewhere Naruto tells his group that Neji will catch up soon because he's a genius. Emboldened, Neji cuts the thread and rushes to the falling Kidoumaru meeting him head on he strikes a killing blow. Neji states he knew he couldn't block it so he prepared himself to take the strike, and that he knew all his weaknesses better than his opponent did. Kidoumaru returns to his normal form, bloody and weakening. Neji tells him he had to hold up the mantle of "genius", so he could not lose.
 Chapter 198
Chapter 198: "Reincarnation...!!" – Neji states no one can determine another’s destiny, and Kidoumaru states Neji will die soon as well. Neji thinks back to his father telling him to live on, and states he won't die so easily. Kidoumaru gloats that they can't stop Orochimaru, but Neji states there is someone who can turn Sasuke back, who can return him from the darkness as he once did for him. Kidoumaru continues to gloat but then coughs up more blood, and finally falls lifeless to the ground. Neji looks to the heavens, and then falls to the ground motionless. Elsewhere Shikamaru begins to lay out their strategy and Tayuya and Sakon continue on. Orochimaru screams out in pain at his compound. Realizing he can't wait for Sasuke anymore, Kabuto goes to make preparations for a new body, telling gathered prisoners the last one standing gets their "freedom."
 Chapter 199
Chapter 199: "Desire...!!" Kabuto works in a medical area over a covered patient. A former possible host for Orochimaru and leader of the Sound Five, Kimimaro was also granted a curse seal. The young man stirs and asks Kabuto how long he has. Kabuto replies he still can be useful, though not as a container. Kabuto watches the monitor and the prisoner fight finishes. Orochimaru walks in to greet the winner. The prisoner realizes this is his end, and asks that his clansmen be freed. Orochimaru agrees and tells him that he will remain as a small part of his subconscious mind. A scream rattles through the compound, and Kabuto states Orochimaru can't change bodies again for three more years. Kimimaro rises through the pain, stating he will bring the container to show his dedication and repay his uselessness. Elsewhere Tayuya and Sakon stop, sensing the Leaf ninja behind them. Sakon turns to charge them gloating they'll be dead in seconds...
Volume 23
Chapter 200 Chapter 200: "According to Plan...!!" – Sakon unleashes multiple strikes onto Shikamaru and Kiba, but they poof away to reveal Naruto forming Rasengan. Before he can realize it, hands from nowhere are holding his arms. Just then Kiba comes spinning through this Naruto, Sakon avoids the hit but Kiba continues on directly for Tayuya. She is held fast by Shikamaru's Kage Mane, Kiba grabs the container and jump away. An enraged Sakon jumps to lend help but Tayuya steps in his path and they collide. Kiba throw the container to Naruto and Sakon activates his level one seal and chases after them. Akamaru sets an explosive trap but can not get away in time, Kiba jumps to save him but all three are sent flying over a cliff into the gorge below. Tayuya begins to charge and Shikamaru tells Naruto to go on, but before they can move a new opponent drops in to land on the container sitting beside Naruto and Shikamaru...
Chapter 201 Chapter 201: "Miscalculation...!!" Kimimaro easily grabs and moves away with the container. Kimimaro asks where the others are and Tayuya is surprised by Kimimaro's resilience. Naruto gets enraged when Kimimaro says Sasuke is for Orochimaru. Naruto charges and Tayuya easily knocks him away. Kimimaro directs her to take the two Leaf ninja out and then he leaves with the container. Tayuya pulls out a flute and Shikamaru lays out his strategy to Naruto. The two yell and charge to take on Tayuya, but Naruto continues on after Kimimaro to Tayuya's embarrassed surprise. Shikamaru tries to capture Tayuya but she jumps away and the two square off for battle. Naruto travels on and begins to turn feral from Kyuubi. At Orochimaru's compound Kabuto and Orochimaru discuss Kimimaro's obedience to Orochimaru. They discuss how he is the heir to a powerful clan and that his illness hindered their destruction of Konoha. Kimimaro emerges into a field with the container, as he stops Naruto jumps in from the tree line to stop his flight.
Chapter 202 Chapter 202: "The Three Wishes!!" – Naruto demands to know why Orochimaru wants Sasuke, and he replies that Orochimaru wants to gain knowledge of all the jutsu in the world, and he needs a vessel to do so. Naruto says he won't let that happen forms the Kage Bunshin hand seal. Elsewhere Tayuya mocks Shikamaru for losing his teammates, but Shikamaru shrugs it off stating even though it wasn't wise, he trusts them. In the gorge Kiba moves to strike but gets knocked mysteriously back. He and Akamaru then move to strike from both sides with Gatsuuga. Elsewhere Tayuya has summoned ghostly beings. In the gorge an upper body has emerged from Sakon's back, with both sets now holding onto Kiba and Akamaru. At the compound Orochimaru and Kabuto talk of the Sound Four's personalities, and how Sakon is the strongest and how Kimimaro will clean up the rest. In the field, and amused Kimimaro looks around himself to see hundreds of Narutos ready to fight.'s ready to fight.
Chapter 203 Chapter 203: "Sakon's Secret" – Kimimaro extends bone spikes from his palms and the Naruto Bunshin rush in. In the gorge Kiba is punched multiple times and then pinned. Sakon gloats how his older brother can enter his body and extend himself at will. The duo enter level one and then Ukon, the older brother extends an arm, leg and head and they enter level two. Akamaru tells Kiba their chakra jumped ten-fold and states they must use "that" technique. Kiba declines but Akamaru convinces his stubborn master. In the forest Tayuya enters level one and plays a tune to control her ghostly oni. The beasts begin attacking Shikamaru. In the gorge Kiba holds the brothers while Akamaru spins through the air emitting urine onto them. Temporarily blinding them, Kiba jumps and the two Henge into a slobbering two-headed wolf called Soutourou. The beast jumps and spins, the brothers slip losing balance, allowing the spinning dog to strike dead center on the brothers...
Chapter 204 Chapter 204: "Ukon's Abilities" – The brothers are ripped in half and Soutourou comes to a stop. Kiba is shocked to see both brothers rise from the ground, forming back their needed body halves. They try one final spin, using their sense of smell to locate the hiding brothers. The brothers draw blood and slam the ground summoning Rashoumon, a gigantic door said to be Orochimaru's ultimate defense. Soutourou strikes it and falls back hurt to the earth below. The brothers jump to strike but the Henge drops, and Akamaru takes the strike for Kiba after urinating into Sakon's eyes. Kiba looks around, unable to find Ukon. Suddenly Ukon's head emerges from Kiba's shoulder. Kiba moves to strike him but Ukon's arm emerges to hold him. Ukon gloats how his power is used for assassination, to rearrange the targets internal cells while he remains okay. Kiba takes quick action, pulling a kunai and stabbing himself in the gut, stating they can both die together...
Chapter 205 Chapter 205: "Kiba's Decision!!" – Ukon is surprised by Kiba's actions. Kiba strikes his stomach again and Ukon bails from the Leaf ninja's body. Kiba throws the kunai and Ukon goes to block, giving Kiba a chance to throw smoke bombs and hide. Ukon emerges from the smoke to see Akamaru's motionless body on the ground. Walking towards it the body explodes in a hail of Kunai. Further down the riverbank, Kiba holds Akamaru and says he did well. Ukon curses they Leaf ninja's escape and walks over to the river where his brother is washing out his eyes. Ukon tells him to kill the two while he rests inside Sakon's body. In the field Kimimaro uses "dance" style attacks to emit bones and quickly strike and disperse the clones. Wave after wave pour in and the Sound ninja effortlessly wipes them out.
Chapter 206 Chapter 206: "Crisis...!!" – The extended bones retreat into his body and Kimimaro lowers his shirt. Reaching to his shoulder he pulls out his humerus and a forearm bone to form a hard bone sword. The shoulder wound heals and Naruto begins launching shuriken. Kimimaro easily bats them away with the sword. Kimimaro states he has mastered five dances to maximize his abilities. As the container begins to emit steam, a furious Naruto ignores Kimimaro's boasts and states he will crush him. In the gorge Kiba states they're losing lots of blood. He is surprised suddenly by a smell of persons coming their way. He grabs Akamaru and tries to flee but weakly collapses. Sakon makes his way in their direction. Seeing Kiba's coat he rushes to attack, to find it left behind. The disturbed ground reveals the Leaf ninja fled to the water to float downstream in the river. In the forest Shikamaru complements Tayuya's ability to manipulate the oni. He thinks over how the melody must control them, but he is out of luck because he can't read the notes at all. Suddenly the music changes and the oni launch a new attack.
Chapter 207 Chapter 207: "The Game is Up" –The oni fly in and their sewn mouths rip open to emit spectral ghosts. They fly after Shikamaru and bite through his arm, pulling away at his spectral chakra. Shikamaru quickly drops an explosive notes and hides after the explosion. He surmises they ghosts feed on chakra. He begins to formulate a plan and then counts his remaining equipment. Adopting his thinking pose, he awaits Tayuya's move. The oni come rushing in and Shikamaru moves, hurling kunai with explosive tags attached in various directions. As they explode Tayuya moves to avoid the destruction, the oni move as well. The kunai keep flying, moving the pieces into position. One kunai lands above Tayuya with a ball attached by string. With a final kunai the string on the ball is cut away and the ball falls. Shikamaru then does some gloating on his own; saying the great thing about shogi is using your opponent’s pieces as your own. The ball explodes in a deluge of light and with a "Kage Mane no Jutsu!" Shikamaru now controls the oni. Tayuya can't believe it and Shikamaru states he can't read the notes, but he could read the finger movements.
Chapter 208 Chapter 208: "The First Hand is a Feint!!" – Tayuya states that is impossible but Shikamaru begins to break down what movements control what actions. He then sends the oni after Tayuya, but she quickly raises a hand seal and disperses them into nothingness. Tayuya smiles but suddenly freezes, bound by Shikamaru's winding shadow. Snaking through the tree limbs he caught her from behind with his feint. Tayuya is enraged and enters her level two form. She uses her immense chakra to break the hold. Shikamaru buckles down and states he'll have to try a different method. Forming a new seal he uses a shadow neck binding technique, shadow hands begin to creep up Tayuya's body. The Sound ninja raises her flute and plays a Genjutsu spell. Shikamaru throws a kunai at Tayuya's feet and gets bound in the spell. Shikamaru is in a hellish world where his bones melt off his skin. Tayuya gloats her level two form gives her access to a ton of Genjutsu spells. She picks up the kunai at her feet and charges to kill her opponent. Just then Shikamaru raises up to punch her in the stomach, revealing how he used his shadow to break his finger to cause enough pain to break the spell. Shikamaru then reveals his final move, that the shadow bind is stronger in closer combat. To the surprise of Tayuya she realizes the kunai was thrown just so she would grab it to get within his striking distance!
Volume 24
Chapter 209
Chapter 209: "Reinforcements on the Scene!!" – Shikamaru continues to struggle to successfully complete the Kage Shibari and choke Tayuya. The Sound Ninja refuses to give in; cursing at Shikamaru she extends an overpowering amount of chakra to push Shikamaru's shadow back down her body. Back in the field, Sasuke's canister continues to steam. Naruto's Kage Bunshin clones continue their assault on Kimimaro and he dispatches them with ease. Soon only Naruto himself is left. The two men stand apart and the canister finally bursts! Rising from the debris is a longhaired Sasuke. Naruto asks Sasuke to return but he merely laughs and then sprints away. As Naruto grows angry Kimimaro quickly moves to strike Naruto in his unprotected back. Before his bone sword can connect he is kicked away by a sudden attack! Standing before Naruto to help is none other than Leaf's azure beast Rock Lee!...
Chapter 210
Chapter 210: "Lee's Secret!!" – Naruto tells Lee to be careful but Lee tells him to move on after Sasuke. Naruto made a promise to Sakura with his nice guy pose, so Lee does the same telling Naruto he will handle Kimimaro. Back in Konoha Genma and Raidou are recovering, Tsunade states sending Genin was unavoidable but she has taken steps to lend them support. Suddenly Gai bursts in, he rushed back to hear of Lee's surgery. Tsunade says it was a success and Gai is relieved. An attendant bursts in to tell them Lee is gone. They rush back to Lee's room to see he had left during the night. Tsunade notices the absent-minded Lee picked up her sake bottle by mistake instead of his medicine. This worries Gai... Back at the fight Lee attempts to land another hit on Kimimaro, he pauses for a moment to tell his opponent he needs to take his medicine. He withdraws the bottle and takes a bitter gulp. Gai tells Tsunade that the last time Lee accidentally consumed liqour he got drunk and destroyed a building. Other than not being able to hold his liquor, Lee also happens to be a natural user of the Suiken, the drunk fist style of fighting!
Chapter 211
Chapter 211: "Unpredictable...!!" – Kiba and Akamaru emerge from the stream and move onto dry land, and Kiba tries to attend to his wounds. Lee begins his assault on Kimimaro, a fast and random freewheeling offensive style that is hard for Kimimaro to predict. Kimimaro uses the Dance of the Camellia but Lee manages to avoid his strikes. Lee finally connects and knocks Kimimaro backwards. Seeing no other choice, Kimimaro lowers his tunic and raises his left arm. Activating his cursed seal his radius and ulna multiply and emerge from his forearm. He charges to attack and Lee moves to avoid a strike, but not before Kimimaro extends his ribs out of his chest to barely graze Lee's cheek. Lee is surprised and knocked back to the ground. Standing over his opponent, Kimimaro boasts that this is his unpredictable bloodline limit...
Chapter 212
Chapter 212: "Pinch, Pinch, Pinch!!" – All around the area, the Leaf Genin are struggling... Kimimaro tells Lee that he can control the density and amount of bones in his body. On the stream a level two Sakon walks towards Kiba's location. Shikamaru continues his struggle with Tayuya. Lee understands he has to keep Kimimaro occupied for as long as possible, so he attempts Omote Renge. Kimimaro sends bones out of his chest and reduces Lee's upward kick to nothing. He then reaches in to strike Lee's face... Shikamaru tries to calm himself to think of a way to overcome his opponent. Elsewhere Kiba is surprised by Ukon, who hid his scent with Kiba's coat to get in close. Ukon removes a kunai and goes in to strike Kiba... Shikamaru's shadow falters and Tayuya readies a kunai to strike... but Tayuya is suddenly blasted away by a gust of wind! Ukon's kunai has connected with a dark robbed figure... Before Kimimaro's bone can strike Lee, an explosion of sand protects Lee and sends him backwards. Coming to the rescue of the Leaf Genin are the siblings of the Sand! Gaara, Kankurou and Temari have arrived!
Chapter 213
Chapter 213: "A Large Debt...!!" – Kimimaro makes the first move and fires the bones of his fingers like bullets. Gaara's sand rises and stops them easily. Lee asks Gaara why he is here, and the Sand Genin replies he has a debt to the Leaf. Elsewhere Shikamaru states he can't stand being protected by a woman, but Temari dismisses his talk. Shikamaru warns her that their opponent can create illusions. Temari understands and she unleashes a huge sickling wind. Tayuya tries to find cover. At Kiba's location, Kankurou controls Karasu and goes after Ukon. Kiba then notices Sakon lunging from behind Kankurou. The Sand Genin can't defend himself in time. Sakon had his hand on Kankurou's face to insert himself, but Kankurou's face falls away! Underneath lies a second puppet! The puppet wraps its bladed arms around Sakon and squeezes!
Chapter 214
Chapter 214: "Retreat for the Time Being...!!" – The puppet casts aside Sakon and goes after Ukon. As Sakon's body lands, Ukon rushes to his brother’s aid and absorbs him into his body. Kiba yells for Kankurou not to underestimate the two men. Kankurou says the same should be said of him. He uses Karasu to attack the two men, as the Sound ninja backs away from the attack they unknowingly land right into Kankurou's second puppet Kuroari! It closes its chest, locking them inside! Karasu's limbs come off to reveal poison tipped blades. Kankurou brings the blades down into slots in Kuroari. Blood and a scream come out from the puppet, the fight is over, and Kankurou has won. Elsewhere Shikamaru tells Temari of their opponent’s powers but the Sand kunoichi says not to underestimate her power as well. Wiping her blood on her fan she swings it, summoning a weasel with a huge sickle! The gust of wind and weasel cut a huge swath of destruction, leveling the surrounding forest. When the dust settles, Tayuya is unconscious, crushed underneath large hewn tree trunks. Temari asks Shikamaru how it looks; he can only look on in bemused surprise, thinking to himself that though she is a pushy person, maybe he'll have to thank her this time around.
Chapter 215
Chapter 215: "Gaara of the Desert" – In the field, Gaara see Lee's wounds and states he'll take Kimimaro. When Lee ignores Gaara, the Sand Genin trips Lee to prevent him from being hurt further. Kimimaro fires off another round of bullets and Gaara sends tendrils of Sand after him. Kimimaro avoids the attacks and says Gaara is pitiful, limited by the sand in his gourd. Gaara looks on and uses a rain of sand shower to distract Kimimaro. Tendrils of sand wrap around his feet and then begin to clump around Kimimaro. Gaara states he can do anything with sand, even crush the rock in the ground itself to create more like he is doing now. Gaara uses his Sabaku Sousou to crush Kimimaro, the technique fails and Kimimaro emerges from the sand, he has uses his bloodline to create an internal armor to prevent his crushing. Kimimaro says he took Gaara too lightly but it won't happen again. Gaara disagrees and causes a huge wave of sand to rise and fall over Kimimaro; slamming his hands to the ground Gaara constricts the sand to crush him. This fails as well; rising from the sand comes Kimimaro with a spiked tail!?...
Chapter 216
Chapter 216: "Spear and the Shield...!!" – Rising from the ground, Kimimaro begins to charge towards the two Genin, bursting through even another Sabaku Kyuu. Kimimaro has activated his level two form! No stand barrier can stop him and he gets close enough to knock Gaara back. He mocks Gaara's absolute defense. Lee takes action and tries to land strikes in Kimimaro, when he raises his tail to strike the Genin, sand bursts forth between them to launch Lee backwards to safety. Seeking to end the fight, Kimimaro reaches to the back of his neck and withdraws his spine into a long vine whip! Using his fourth dance, he wraps the tendril around Gaara and creates a large bone flower on his left arm. Sand gathers between the two men and forms a mini Shukaku shield! At Orochimaru's compound, Orochimaru and Kabuto discuss the Kaguya clan’s sad history of bloodshed and war. When they challenge their host Water country Hidden Mist wiped them out, and only Kimimaro remained. In the field, Kimimaro raises his unbreakable flower spear and strikes the belly of the impenetrable Shukaku!
Chapter 217
Chapter 217: "For Precious People" – As the Shukaku shield holds, Kimimaro's bone flower spear fails. Kimimaro tells Gaara that he is the last of his clan, and the Sand Genin mocks the Sound ninja for his dedication to a man who is just using him. Seeing the chance to finally end the fight, Gaara turns the ground below Kimimaro to sand and sinks him deep into the earth. Using the last of his dances, Kimimaro causes a forest of bone spikes to emerge from the ground. Gaara uses his sand to levitate himself and Lee above their deadly reach. Thinking themselves safe, Kimimaro emerges from one of the bone shafts and rages that they could not understand his dedication to Orochimaru. However, at that instant his body finally fails him. Kimimaro's body dies and he is frozen like a statue. Gaara and Lee then reflect on his passing and the importance of precious people. We then move to the Valley of the End. Two huge statues stand on either side of a huge waterfall. Naruto has finally caught up to Sasuke...

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