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Volume 13
 Chapter 109
 Chapter 109: "Leaf, Dance...!!" Assessment by several examiners means Shikamaru has excellent leadership candidacy and is probably a better Chuunin possibility than Naruto. With Kankurou and Shino’s fight forfeited, Temari and Shikamaru’s over, only one fight remains. Even Lee and Gai manage to turn up, greeted with the shocking news that even Neji lost. Unrest grows in the stadium, with Gaara becoming uneasier. Suddenly, a whirl of leaves marks the entrance of two figures standing back to back, with Kakashi apologising for being late. His companion is asked his name by the referee – and the reply is “Uchiha Sasuke”. The entrance whips the crowd into a frenzy, but while the crowd express their cheers, Gaara has no actions that can express the anticipation he feels.
 Chapter 110
 Chapter 110: "Finally...!!" Tension builds among the spectators with all manner of encouragement directed at Sasuke. The only one not cheering is Lee, who feels gravely afraid for Sasuke having faced Gaara first-hand and knows what to expect. Kankurou is about to remind Gaara of the plan, but Temari gags him, afraid for what may happen if the unstable monster were to be distracted. As Gaara makes his way through a tunnel to the field, two Grass ninjas ask Gaara to lose the fight to help their lord win a bet. Naruto and Shikamaru watch the events from a distance. Gaara doesn’t even take notice of what the Grass ninja say and instantly crushes them to death. With the look still on his face, he enters the battleground...
 Chapter 111
 Chapter 111: "Sasuke Vs Gaara!!" Sakura worries about Sasuke’s curse seal, while Gai notices the alarming number of ANBU members. The fight begins with Gaara acting even more deranged, addressing his sand as “Mother”. Naruto and Shikamaru discuss what they witnessed and realise that Gaara is in a total killing mood. Sasuke’s shuriken tosses are intercepted by a sand clone, while his taijutsu skills are put up against the Sand Shield. Surprisingly, Sasuke can keep up with and surpass the shield’s speed. He uses the same tactics as Lee and just like him, lands a punch, even mimicking Lee’s stance and taunt!
 Chapter 112
 Chapter 112: "Sasuke's Taijutsu...!!" Like Lee, Sasuke manages to firmly land several hits on Gaara, knocking him back. Lee looks on and remarks that his years of training to attain that speed were surpassed in one month by Sasuke. Kakashi tells him and Gai that Sasuke used the Sharingan to copy Lee’s taijutsu. Gai still has his doubts over it, as Gaara begins to manipulate his sand for something big, erecting a sphere around him that becomes a ball of spikes when Sasuke approaches. Naruto begs for the fight to be stopped to save Sasuke’s life from Gaara. However, Kakashi remains calm and mentions that there is more to be told.
 Chapter 113
 Chapter 113: "Reason for the Lateness...!!" The Sand Siblings grow worried about Gaara’s choice of move. Sasuke cannot penetrate the defense, but Gaara is also unable to attack. Both prepare their next moves, with Kakashi telling Naruto to stop worrying and learn why they were late. Sasuke backs off and begins to wrap his hand in so much Chakra it becomes visible and audible. Gaara mutters grisly plans to himself and “Mother” inside the shell, as Sasuke rushes at him. Gai recognises the move as Kakashi’s only self-made move. Before it gained the nickname Raikiri (Lightning Blade), it was called: CHIDORI (Thousand Birds)!
 Chapter 114
 Chapter 114: "Attack...!!" Sasuke’s hand goes straight through the shell. Silence falls on the battlefield, prompting whispers among the crowd until Gaara’s horrified screams fill the air. Temari and Kankurou shriek as something inhuman coming from the shell attacks Sasuke. Gaara emerges and has been seriously wounded for the first time ever since birth! However, the suspicious ANBU member that knocked Kiba out earlier begins to execute a Genjutsu spell, making almost everyone fall asleep. A few manage to protect themselves from it, but the balcony with the two Kage and their personal staff is enshrouded in smoke. The plan Kankurou spoke of commences!
 Chapter 115
 Chapter 115: "Chuunin Test, Conclusion...!!" On the outskirts of Konoha, sound ninjas summon a gigantic 3-headed snake and begin the assault! More tricks ensue as Kazekage holds Hokage hostage and leaps away. Before he can be followed, four more special sound ninjas erect a barrier that burns all who pursue. Hokage tries to reason with Kazekage, but Kazekage is adamant and mocks him by name as Sarutobi. Meanwhile, Gaara is still unhinged from his battle and needs time to recover. Sasuke chases him as an official order, being told that he is already good enough to be a Chuunin. Kazekage continues to taunt Hokage, then unmasks... as Orochimaru! With a kunai to Hokage’ throat, he declares his teacher to be a dead man walking...
 Chapter 116
 Chapter 116: "The Crumbling Leaf...!!" Ibiki tells his troops of Orochimaru’s past as Sarutobi’s pupil. He left after a new Hokage was chosen instead of him and inspired fear even in Ibiki. Things get worse as the invading Sand and Sound ninjas combine to launch an invasion. Orochimaru sheds a tear of happiness in anticipation of the approaching war and murder of Sarutobi. But instead of a simple kill, Orochimaru prepares for a duel with his former teacher. Kakashi orders Sakura to wake up Naruto and others in preparation for a mission. He notes that she has talent in Genjutsu and that he is about to send her along with Naruto and Shikamaru on their first A-Rank mission since the Wave Country.
Chapter 117 
 Chapter 117: "The Assigned Mission...!!" Kakashi briefs Sakura to go and catch up with Gaara and Sasuke. Kakashi adds one more “man” to the team and summons a nin-dog, Pakkun. To Sakura’s surprise, it can talk and has a sharp tongue. Gai smashes a sound ninja through a wall and the newly assembled team escape through it. Shino follows, uninvited... Back on the tower surrounded by the barrier, the Hokage and Sage, Sarutobi and Orochimaru, make their final preparations. As the four barrier ninjas close themselves off from the battle, the two begin. Orochimaru uses the “Edo Tensei” technique to block a shuriken array by summoning coffins, which Sarutobi recognizes! Two emerge but Sarutobi stops the third, but still, he is unnerved by exactly who rests inside the coffins...

Volume 14
 Chapter 118
Chapter 118: "Forced to Stay...!!" – Introduces Shodai and Nidaime Hokage. Orochimaru has summoned the first and second people to bear the Hokage title, emotionally wounding Sarutobi. Pakkun realises that others are following him and the retrieval team. Shikamaru decides to set up an ambush, with at least one member left behind as a decoy sure to die. Shikamaru nominates himself to be the decoy with the highest chance of surviving. As the squad sent to stop his team approaches, Sakura and Naruto go ahead while he remains behind. Following Pakkun’s paw prints, the squad blunder straight into a trap set by Shikamaru and become captured by his Shadow Imitation.
 Chapter 119
 Chapter 119: "My Life...!!" Shikamaru doesn’t have enough Chakra left to meet his plan and a hidden member of the squad is ready to pounce. Pakkun senses that nobody is following, elevating the spirits of Naruto and Sakura. Behind Shikamaru, another ninja drops down… holding a sound ninja’s corpse. Asuma drops it and proceeds to take out the squad in a flourish, putting out his cigarette in their blood. Back at Konoha, Orochimaru revitalises and brainwashes the summoned Hokage brothers, as an ANBU member discusses the murderous preparations needed for the summoning technique, Edo Tensei. Instead of signing a blood contract, someone is sacrificed and their body is covered in ash and dust, transforming them into the shape of the summoned spirits...
 Chapter 120
 Chapter 120: "Hokage VS Hokage!!" A battle of Hokage-level techniques ensues, with expert elemental attacks of fire, water, earth and wood. Shodai eventually causes a forest to rise and entangle Sarutobi, who summons the Monkey King, Enma, who scolds him for not killing Orochimaru when he had the chance. Sarutobi vows to correct the mistake and has Enma transform into his diamond staff form. Freed from the vines, Sarutobi prepares for armed combat. Impressed, Orochimaru draws his own weapon, spitting out a weapon of serpentine nature, the mythical Grass-cutter sword Kusanagi. Sarutobi’s age gives him a disadvantage. Even worse, he finds that the summoned Hokage brothers regenerate removed and damaged limbs!
 Chapter 121
 Chapter 121: "Horrible Reality Test...!!" Sarutobi begins a technique that will affect the very souls of the Hokage brothers. Suddenly, Orochimaru tears off a mask... and a young woman stands in his place. Expecting an impostor, the girl identifies herself as Orochimaru. Enma and Sarutobi realise the truth. A stroll down memory lane reveals that Orochimaru’s inhuman views were why he was not chosen as Yondaime Hokage. Later, he was caught red-handed performing human experiments. Cornered, he confesses to developing an immortality technique so that he could live long enough to master every technique known to mankind. And now, 10 years later, he plans to replace his current female body and inhabit Sasuke’s!
 Chapter 122
 Chapter 122: "Inherited Dying Will!!" Orochimaru re-masks as his old self to finish Sarutobi off. Compassion for his old pupil prevents him from going too hard, the same reason Orochimaru escaped before. Enma’s eyes open wide as a familiar set of hand seals heralds the summoning of the Shinigami (Death God)! Shodai wraps Sarutobi in complete darkness as the last of Sarutobi’s Chakra is divided through two Shadow Clones. Sarutobi tells Orochimaru that the love he feels for the village he protects as Hokage will never crumble! And even an old dog has new tricks that Orochimaru is unaware of... namely the Sealing Technique: Demonic Soul Imprisonment!
 Chapter 123
 Chapter 123: "The Final Sealing" Even with the new technique waiting, Sarutobi still takes a beating from his enemies. The technique is slow to work, but Shodai and Nidaime are grabbed by Sarutobi’s clones, dispersing the darkness. The Death God then reaches through the clones and rips the very souls from the brothers, which dissolve to show the corpses of Zaku and Kin!! Enraged by Orochimaru’s attitude to his subordinates, Sarutobi tackles him head-on! The sword is knocked from Orochimaru’s hand and the Death God’s claws plunge into his stomach. But with a simple gesture, the sword stops in mid-air and rushes towards Sarutobi’s unprotected back as the Death God begins to tear Orochimaru’s soul from his body...
 Chapter 124
 Chapter 124: "The Eternal Battle...!!" Sarutobi takes the sword knowing the Death God will take his soul along with Orochimaru’s anyway, where they will fight forever in the Reaper’s stomach. Close to death, Orochimaru sees the Death God itself eating the souls it ripped out earlier and looking at him with hunger. Panicking, Orochimaru tries to kill Sarutobi and end the technique early to save his soul. The rest of Konoha is almost defeated, until Orochimaru’s giant snake is crushed by a giant toad! Jiraiya arrives with a flashy entrance to save Ibiki. Sasuke catches up to the Sand Siblings, but as Kankurou challenges him, Shino takes Sasuke’s place, demanding he continue to chase Gaara so he can have the match with Kankurou he was denied in the exams.
 Chapter 125
 Chapter 125: "The Moment of Awakening...!!" Kankurou and Shino prepare to fight, with Kankurou warning the Leaf ninjas that true terror awaits them, not from him and his puppet but in Gaara. Shino takes the threat seriously and assembles his bugs ready to fight. Gaara wakes up and shoves Temari aside as Sasuke arrives. Sasuke flashes back to when Gaara interrupted his training with Kakashi, with Gaara leaving while dubbing Sasuke his prey. Perched high up, Gaara’s mind begins to snap and his body begins to transform into the same inhuman shape that grabbed at Sasuke from the shell of sand in the exam. The right side of his face and right arm become monstrously misshapen and Gaara yells for Sasuke to hurry up and fight!!
Chapter 126 
 Chapter 126: "Unprepared...!!" Kankurou’s puppet, Karasu, turns out to be a walking arsenal of poisoned weapons. However, Shino already has a plan and sees the method Kankurou uses. However, Shino inhales the poison gas from karasu’s bomb! Back at Konoha, Sarutobi and Orochimaru stand in deadlock as Orochimaru clings to life. Konoha’s evacuees witness the Hokage monument cracking as a bad omen. Shino pulls out another trump card, sending armies of bugs along the Chakra “strings" Kankurou uses to control Karasu. But this is already a dummy move, as bugs are already moving to the puppeteer’s position, faking Kankurou out and allowing the bugs to swarm on the Sand genin. However, the gas is already at work inside Shino’s lungs and the bug-tamer collapses onto the branch he stands on...
Volume 15
Chapter 127
Chapter 127: "Feeling Alive...!!" It turns out that at the meeting on the cliff where Sasuke learned the Chidori from Kakashi, Gaara walked away with the desire not to simply have a match with, but a duel to the death with Sasuke. Believing that he and Sasuke shared a common pain and reason for existing, Gaara yells for the hiding Sasuke to come out and face him. Sasuke answers the request with his second Chidori, slicing Gaara’s deformed arm between the fingers all the way down. But after a brief grimace, Gaara’s face lights up with laughter...
Chapter 128
Chapter 128: "Beyond His Limits...!!" – The feeling of being hurt and truly being in a combat situation drives Gaara into elation and his gourd dissolves into a tail. Far more dangerous than before, Gaara begins to shred everything before him as he tries to catch Sasuke. Despite Kakashi’s warnings that Sasuke isn’t strong enough for a third Chidori in a day, Sasuke dashes out and begins the move. But halfway through, the two clash in mid-air just as Chidori fades… a second later and Gaara screams out in pain… and Sasuke’s curse seal breaks out from the guard Kakashi placed. However, it still isn’t enough to finish Gaara off. As the monster closes in, Naruto saves Sasuke at the last second with a kick to Gaara’s face!
Chapter 129
Chapter 129: "Pain...!!" – Sasuke’s strength is depleted and his inexperience with the curse seal only makes his situation worse. As Sakura tends to him, Gaara once again feels the trauma of seeing someone being protected. Lashing out, he pins Sakura to a tree and knocks her out. His senses reel as his mind wanders back to his childhood, a feared emotional train wreck. An outcast, the only one who seemed to care was his uncle, Yashamaru. His memories surface of the time that he asked Yashamaru an unusual question that no other child should ever have had to ponder… “What is pain?”
Chapter 130
Chapter 130: "Love...!!" – Yashamaru teaches Gaara the difference between emotional and physical pain. While wounds heal, only love can fix the pain Gaara feels in his heart. Gaara sets off to apologise to someone he hurt earlier, but is rejected and out of rage, kills the first person to upset him. As he regrets his journey, he is attacked again and fatally wounds his would-be assassin. As he lifts up their mask, his heart crumbles into pieces as Yashamaru’s bleeding face smiles back at him.
Chapter 131
Chapter 131: "A Name Called Gaara...!!" – Yashamaru tells Gaara that his assassination was ordered by none other than Gaara’s own father, the current Kazekage. Gaara was born only so the demon, Shukaku, could have a host body. But Shukaku and Gaara were spiralling out of control, so both had to be killed. Gaara’s blame is aimed at his father, but Yashamaru confesses that not even he cared for Gaara and lied all this time. Even Gaara’s mother hated him before he was born and named him after her grudge. Yashamaru sets off an explosion but Gaara is protected. With his mind snapped, he scars a tattoo onto his face and confirms his name’s meaning – “A demon that is only loved by himself”. With the memories fresh in his mind, he turns his rage onto Naruto, who’s attempt to summon Gamabunta failed, with a regular toad arriving…
Chapter 132
Chapter 132: "Two Boys... Darkness and Light" – Gaara transforms again and manipulates the sand binding Sakura to the tree to slowly crush her over time, with the only release being Naruto beating him. Naruto’s new summon is useless. As he takes a beating from Gaara, he feels that Gaara has a lonely look in his eyes, just like he had growing up with a monster’s shadow behind him. Gaara’s relentless attacks are too much for Naruto to handle, until he remembers what is truly at stake. Getting back up, Naruto shows Gaara what his friends mean to him.
Chapter 133
Chapter 133: "Strong Guys...!!" – With a kunai wrapped in an exploding tag, Naruto displays an excellent performance of athleticism and Kage Bunshin control. Although the final move seems to be a joke as Naruto uses the embarrassing 1000 Years Of Pain on Gaara, the explosion takes out a huge chunk of his transformed body, detonating near to the only untransformed and unprotected part of Gaara’s anatomy. Sasuke and Naruto discuss a battle plan quickly, which leads Naruto to remember the courage and strength one gains when protecting someone else. With reminders of Haku and Iruka in his eyes, Naruto challenges Gaara and amplifies his Kage Bunshin, creating literally thousands of clones!!
Chapter 134
Chapter 134: "Naruto Ninja Chronicles!!" – Naruto and his army bombard Gaara with shuriken attacks, physical blows and combinations. Frustrated and out of control, Gaara shifts into a perfect version of Shukaku, a titanic Tanuki. To protect himself and his friends, Naruto digs deep and summons Gamabunta. Convinced to fight by the toad Naruto summoned earlier, who is Gamabunta’s own son, Gamakichi, Gamabunta officially accepts Naruto as his underling and decides to help him out, drawing an enormous dagger and threatening to show the Shukaku what loyalty is all about.
Chapter 135
Chapter 135: "The Fight Like a Storm!!" – Although Gamabunta slices Shukaku’s right foreleg off, Naruto urges him to move the fight away from Sakura. Gaara emerges from Shukaku and with a disgusted look, prepares for a move which causes Temari to flee for her life. Gamabunta explains to Naruto that he is aware of Shukaku and knows that if his host falls asleep, Shukaku will gain full control of the body. Gaara forces himself asleep and the demented Sand priest’s personality that became the demonic entity called Shukaku emerges! Gamabunta knows it’ll be a losing battle and Gaara needs to be woken. To get close enough to wake him up, Gamabunta suggests a combination transformation so he can grip Shukaku. As the two charge at him, Naruto embraces the vision of his secret and from the smoke generated by Gamabunta, the effigy of the Kyuubi itself comes, biting and clawing!!

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