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Volume 7
 Chapter 55
Chapter 55: "All-out War" – Introduces Chouji and Shikamaru. Ino and her team occupy the Sound Trio, losing the advantage only at the last second. Reinforcements arrive in the form of Lee’s team. However, Sasuke awakens with a terrifying appearance and staring directly at the Sound Trio…
 Chapter 56
Chapter 56: "Granted Power" – Back from the brink of death, Sasuke totally outclasses the Sound Trio and even goes as far as wrenching Zaku’s arms from their sockets with his bare hands. Sakura stops Sasuke before he kills someone, allowing their retreat. However, all agree that Sasuke is not the same person he was prior to Orochimaru’s “Cursed seal”.
 Chapter 57
Chapter 57: "Ten Hours Earlier" – Introduces Tenten. The Leaf genins pick up the pieces after the attack of the Sound Trio and recover. Elsewhere, Anko returns to alert the Third Hokage of Orochimaru’s presence. While behind the scenes, she is shocked to see a genin team from Hidden Sand had completed the second test in a record time of 97 minutes without even a scratch.
 Chapter 58
Chapter 58: "Witnesses" – Introduces Shino, Hinata, Kiba and Akamaru. Picking up a strange lead, Akamaru leads his team to see the events that spooked the examiners. Three Hidden Rain ninjas meet up with the Hidden Sand genins. After a failed attempt at killing Gaara with a rain of needles, Gaara promises to make the sky rain blood...
 Chapter 59
Chapter 59: "Tragedy of Sand" – With his “Desert Funeral” move, Gaara instantly crushes the Rain ninjas to death. Even though he hasn’t killed enough people to satisfy himself, Gaara reluctantly agrees to simply proceed with the test. The team hidden and watching them, particularly Akamaru, are chilled to the bone by him...
 Chapter 60
Chapter 60: "Last Chance" – While camping, Naruto feels the temptation to cheat the test and make a replica of the scrolls. Another team nearby is shown paying the price for doing so, now in a coma. Before Naruto ends up suffering the same fate, Kabuto steps in and prevents him opening it. But the four are being watched by an earlier adversary.
 Chapter 61
Chapter 61: "The Path You Should Take" – Kabuto convinces Sasuke he has no malicious intent and as a Chuunin exam veteran, gives them pointers on how to survive and what may give them away. After the team encounter deja-vu, Kabuto realises they are in a trap, as enemies appear from all sides.
 Chapter 62
Chapter 62: "Trapped Rats" – Introduces the Hidden Rain trio of Oboro, Mubi and Kagari. Confusion spreads as the enemy assault blurs reality. Sasuke’s Sharingan has no effect in sniffing the true ninjas from the fakes. After wearing the team down and finally revealing themselves, Naruto’s trickery lures them into the open for attack.
Chapter 63 
Chapter 63: "The Other Face" – Despite Oboro’s Mist Clones, Naruto manages to defeat the opposing team and claim their scroll, allowing them to pass. Kabuto rejoins his team and passes on information to none other than Orochimaru, being his secret spy unknown to anyone other than themselves. Meanwhile, Naruto's team uncover a riddle that risks opening the scrolls to solve...

Volume 8
Chapter 64 Chapter 64: "Hokage’s Message" – Now in the right place at the right time, the team opens the scrolls and Iruka is summoned, explaining the riddle is related to their strengths and weaknesses. Anko meets with the Hokage, alerting him to the presence of Orochimaru as he fixes her up from the battle. It is then announced that due to too many passes, a preliminary exam must take place.
Chapter 65 Chapter 65: "Life-Risking Battles" – Introduces Hayate. With all the winners assembled, the Hokage explains the true purpose of the Chuunin Exam. Although a substitute for war, battles will allow lethal force to show off a shinobi’s power. Hayate then explains that a quick one-on-one tournament will be held to cut the number of winners in half. Kabuto quits at the final hurdle.
Chapter 66 Chapter 66: "Sakura's Request" – Kabuto leaves to save his own life, but is still hiding his true mission of being Orochimaru’s spy. Sasuke’s Cursed Seal begins to trouble him. Sakura begs him to quit in case he ends up hurt, but Sasuke bluntly refuses. The examiners know of the seal, with Anko especially worried, but Kakashi reassures her. The first fight is then decided; Sasuke VS Yoroi.
Chapter 67 Chapter 67: "Opposing Ability" – Kakashi warns Sasuke to avoid using Sharingan. Sasuke gains the upper hand with taijutsu alone, until Yoroi reveals his ability to directly absorb Chakra! Orochimaru, disguised as a Sound Jounin, watches hoping Sasuke will use the seal. Sasuke pulls out his trump card, mimicking Lee’s Konoha Kage Buyou starting kick. However, Sasuke then promises something completely different…
Chapter 68 Chapter 68: "The Uchiha Blood" – Even with his nagging injuries and the seal’s threat looming, Sasuke defeats Yoroi with his own adaptation of Lee’s Initial Lotus, the Shishi Rendan (Lion Combo). Everyone is amazed, especially Orochimaru. Sasuke advances, but Kakashi decides to suppress the Cursed Seal first. The next fight is announced then; Shino and Zaku.
Chapter 69 Chapter 69: "The Terrifying Visitor" – While Shino and Zaku fight, Kakashi applies a suppressor to the seal, based on Sasuke’s willpower. Unaware to him until he makes his presence known, Orochimaru has been watching him and reveals his purpose of being there is for Sasuke, with the Sound Trio meaning nothing to him. Zaku ends up ruined as Shino’s tactics cause him to permanently lose his forearms.
Chapter 70 Chapter 70: "The One Who Will Die Is..." Kakashi threatens Orochimaru with the Raikiri, but Orochimaru leaves calmly and laughing. Kakashi realises he is nowhere near Orochimaru’s level. Another of Orochimaru’s spies, Tsurugi, battles Kankurou in the meantime. Although Tsurugi’s constriction seems to kill Kankurou, he doesn’t realise he was tricked until he lays on the floor breathless from Kankurou’s secret weapon, the war puppet Karasu. A shocker then comes with the next match-up.
Chapter 71 Chapter 71: "A Wall Too High" – Sakura and Ino are placed against each other, igniting their rivalry again. Despite their close friendship in the past and current personal issues with each other, both girls decide to first and foremost fight seriously as ninjas instead of squabbling rivals.
Chapter 72 Chapter 72: "Rivalry" – The kunoichi are evenly matched, with Ino even slicing her own gorgeous long hair off to show her seriousness. However, Ino then reveals the real reason, using the strands and her Chakra to create a special technique to tie Sakura up and set her up for the Mind-Body switch. In the end, Sakura falls victim to it as Ino takes over her body.
Volume 9
Chapter 73
Chapter 73: "Announcement of Defeat...!?" – Ino is forced from Sakura’s body by her inner spirit. It comes down to one final blow, which results in a double KO as neither girl will let the other win. The two converse as Temari and Tenten line up for their next match. Temari defeats the mistress of weapons, Tenten, with ease. Hokage remarks on their abilities, reminded that all 3 passed in 97 minutes without any problems.
Chapter 74
Chapter 74: "The Sixth Match and Them..." – The Sand team’s arrogance upsets Gai’s team and Lee, who takes Gaara’s interest. Next, Shikamaru and Kin face each other. Despite Kin’s sound-based disruption of his senses, Shikamaru demonstrates his amazing brain and outsmarts her completely with his Shadow Imitation. The participants eagerly await the next match, which turns out to be Naruto VS Kiba.
Chapter 75
Chapter 75: "Naruto’s Growth" – Naruto feels uncomfortable fighting Kiba and Akamaru, especially with Kiba’s taunting. With confidence, Kiba makes the first move with his animalistic fighting style. Naruto takes his trash-talking personally and returns the words. Kiba’s smoke bomb combined with Akamaru’s quick attacks gain him the advantage until Naruto turns it around. While everyone sees Naruto’s improvement, he and Kiba decide to raise the bar.
Chapter 76
Chapter 76: "Kiba’s Comeback!! Naruto’s Comeback!?" Kiba and Akamaru boost their strength together, then amalgamate each other into feral humans. Naruto falls victim to their specialty, Gatsuuda (Dual Piercing Fang) as they spin and shred everything in their way. Naruto shows resiliency and even though he can’t stop the Dual Piercing Fang, a quick-thinking tactic grants him an opening.
Chapter 77
Chapter 77: "Naruto’s Trick" – Naruto’s prankster mind takes Akamaru out of the fight. Put into a desperate situation as Kiba attempts payback, Naruto lets himself go literally and quickly dishes out an adaptation of Sasuke’s adaptation, the Uzumaki Naruto Combo. Hinata rejoices, to Neji’s chagrin.
Chapter 78
Chapter 78: "Neji and Hinata" – The random decisions place the Hyuga family members against each other. The noble Hyuga family is split into two, with each one from a different side. Political separation makes the fight even more bitter as Neji discourages Hinata. Neji’s words also hit Naruto hard, making him scream encouragement to Hinata in rage.
Chapter 79
Chapter 79: "The Hyuuga Clan" – Gai explains the elegant fighting style of the Hyuga, the Juuken (Gentle Fist), being based on palm strikes infused with Chakra doing damage to internal organs. The Hyuga’s Byakugan, or White Eye, makes X-Ray vision possible and the organs clear as day to them. Furthermore, it makes Chakra pressure points visible. Hinata is severely wounded by Neji, but she refuses to quit.
Chapter 80
Chapter 80: "Surpass the Limit" – Naruto’s cheerleading gives Hinata strength. Even after another devastating assault on Hinata’s internal system, she still stands, coughing up blood. Neji’s rage causes him to throw a fatal blow, but before it makes contact, all three Leaf Jounin team leaders and Hayate stop him. This only fuels his hate for the main house even more as the no-killing rule is ignored. Naruto is disgusted at Neji.
Chapter 81
Chapter 81: "Gaara VS..." – Naruto vows to take Neji down, more for his comments on “losers” than out of revenge for Hinata. With only two matches remaining and only four combatants; Lee, Dosu, Chouji and Gaara, tension grows. Gaara makes his way into the match early before it is even decided that Lee will be his opponent. Lee jumps in just as eager, ready to crush the Sand’s arrogance.

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