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Angelinamor Post #1
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Wednesday, August 08, 2018 1:28:19 PM (8 months ago)

Sorry for the delay in posting this swap. I was busy in July with 2 weddings, a baby shower, an engagement party, a week visit with my best friend, and work! I hope we will still have enough turnout to make this swap a go even with a delayed start.


This swap will run like past years.  You will make 12 gifts, wrap them, and mail them to me.  (Be sure to add a tag or card that identifies the gift is from you!) I will send you back 12 gifts from other participants, and on 13 Dec we will begin opening them, one gift a day, for 12 days until 24 Dec.


Gifts don't have to be sewn, but they have to be handmade.  In the past we've had sewn/quilted (potholders, pincushion, scarfs, coasters), knitted/crocheted (potholders), beaded (ornaments, jewelry), paper (notecards, calendar sets) and many other crafted items.


Your cost will be the cost to make & wrap your items, shipping to me, plus return postage.  Once again I will mail back to you in medium flat rate boxes.  I will check that price and post an update later. ***$14


Your items must be shipped to me NO EARLIER THAN Labor Day 2018

Your items must be shipped to me NO LATER THAN 13 Nov 2018

This will give me time to swap the gifts and get boxes packed and shipped.  (It's amazing how much time it takes to package, tape, and label those boxes!)


To make this swap work, we need 13 people to sign up, so please consider joining this fun event.  I'll need your name & address & a phone number.  I have the addresses from last year's participants, so just let me know there's been no change and I'll use that information.  There is really no cutoff for signups as long as you can get your gifts made in time for the latest ship date.  But if we don't have enough names by Labor Day we'll decide if we want to continue with the swap.


And lastly, as always, I know that real life sometimes gets in the way or puts roadblocks into our well-made plans.  So, if something comes up or this swap is adding too much stress to your already-busy life, you can bow out, no hard feelings.  I just request that you let me know as soon as you can and I'll take your name off the list.


I hope to be adding YOUR name to the list below!!! 

1. angelinamor (Angela M) 
2. fishingwidow (Mary M) 
3. motqltr (Michele B) 
4. NancyC 
5. Alice
6. Sue Stitches (Sue H) 
7. Handie Ann (Mary Ann M)
8. Aunt Jo (Joanne K) 
9. Elainetoo (Nancy A) 
10. KBlue (Kelley G)
11. Toryam (Charlyn K) 
12. Nina (Nina B)
13. Penny (Penny H) 
14. Lana (Lana R) 
15. Gemsq (Barb F) 
16. Margarita (Margie H) 
17. Keyed Up (Debbie C) 
18PatV82 (Pat V) -yay! 
19. Gonesewin (Lori R)
20.  IBSewin (Karen R)
21.  Sewluv2qlt (Lynne S)  
 Pending:  Handie Ann (Mary Ann M)
                 PatV82 (Pat V
8/26 Note:  Even with more than 13 people in our swap, you will still only make 12 items and will receive 12 back (just not one item from each person)

9/26 Note:  Medium flat rate postage is $13.65  Please send $14 for return postage and supplies.
- 12 wrapped gifts received

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Handie Ann Post #32
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Monday, November 12, 2018 9:12:00 AM (5 months ago)
My package will be in the mail on Tuesday. I'm glad to get them done.
Handie Ann Post #33
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Friday, December 07, 2018 7:39:26 PM (4 months ago)
I got my package back now I'm just have to wait until the 13th to start opening them 
I will be in this next year. 
Gemsq Post #34
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Saturday, December 08, 2018 5:14:42 PM (4 months ago)
I'm excited to receive my package. Now to wait a few days to start!  How do I find our group on Facebook?  Thanks for the info,
Angelinamor Post #35
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Thursday, December 13, 2018 1:05:50 PM (4 months ago)
There is a facebook page, Circle of Friends.  I think if you find the page you will be able to make a friend request and get added.
 If you find me, Angela Morris (Angela Pajak), and friend me I can add you to the group.