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You are invited to join us here in Jazzology.  We are an open group of jazz lovers who invite you to share the journey of learning more about the therapeutic, meditative, and relaxing benefits of jazz music.  You are certainly invited to join us if you have an interest in learning more about the benefits of jazz music and/or a love for jazz music.   Just click on the link that says, "Join Group" to join our Jazzology Group ~ Once amongst us, you are encouraged to invite your friends to share your Jazzology journey with you.  We are certain that you'll be so glad that you made the decision to join us.  So, here is the next step if you are not already a member of Jazzology ~ just click on the "Join Group" link, and come on in!
"The therapeutic way to enjoy and live life to the fullest." 
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A therapeutic environment for relaxation, meditation, and personal self discovery in a jazz setting. (Health)

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Jazzology is an open group that anyone can join.