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FRAMGOVfree is an answer to a discussion group called FRAMGOV in my town that stifled free speech through lies, deceit and manipulation of facts, yet making it seem like a great area for free speech. Believe me it was not. The rules were starting to pile up to the point of like you were in a country like China. Individuals who had politically incorrect views were pounced upon and basically destroyed by slander and libelous rants. The moderator was and still is a liar and a manipulator and her last issue kicking out a lady from the group was the last straw for me. So thus I have this place to rant. A lot of my concerns deal with free speech and how it is being taken away from us systematically and in increments by a planned group of people. This bothers me and I would like to discuss how this is happening through many channels. Let's see what happens. I know certain topics may be sensitive but if we deal with FACTS and not fiction it will turn out good for everybody (News and Politics)

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