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Do you have Lupus or in the process of a diagnosis? Are you ready to support, respect, and join together to take action? Do you need a place to share your feelings without being criticized or feeling like you need to apologize? This place is going to be  more than just lupus. We don't need to remind each other, I'm sure we have plenty ability to do it on your own. Lets share what we know, and learn what we don't.
 I should have just said its going to be different!
Get ready for the unexpected! I noticed this wesite is out of Australia, It would be so great to meet people from all over. I'm a bit of a question asker so don't take it personal. I love getting to know people. I'm a bit Quiet but its because I love listening to different perspectives. I adore new ways of looking at something. Its such a great way to grow as a person. Discussions and chats will be done in the most respective way. No drama will be tolerated. Let's change lives and fight for each other not against. Its a a turtle walk as they are slow and steady, resilent, and they keep going until the goal is met!
This is going to be a special place to fill the void of what I haven't been able to find in a group yet, so get ready for fun and surprises, tears and fears, love and support. It's going to be whatever we need it to be. Some days i have some good moments, and others I can hardly make it through.
-Here I go speaking for someone else, but Rosie wants a light hearted place, and I want some of her writing. I found her blog, or it found me at a time when i was ready to give in. I think her writing will help others as well. Just to know that it is okay to let out those feelings, you must! All I know is that we are fighters. Some days she fights a little more for me and some days I fight for her. So whatever this place becomes, we intend to impact lives, spread awareness. If we join together then we will be heard rather than seen. Nobody can call someone fighting for any tiny part of their life back, attention seeking or lazy. This isn't just about Rosie and I, so jump in and don't ever be afraid to speak up, suggest, ask for a prayer, someone to talk to.
This is such an excellent site. Please add photos, share recipes, a youtube song, an Idea.
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A lighthearted place for those with Lupus to join together, encourage, and try and find guidance through the overwhelming issues we each face every day! This is a drama free zone. Each week there will be set support group times to talk, and the rest will be fun topics like beauty, fashion, recipes, and jokes. (Health)

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