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Welcome to Attack Jet!
Yes, it's an odd name for a clan, but we're an odd clan.  That and they won't let us change the name!
Who We Are:  We are an adult, international (but English speaking) clan.  
War Frequency:  We usually have 3 wars per week, taking a break on weekends.   
War Rules:   We have some simple rules that you must follow to participate in clan wars.
  1. Clan leaders assign war targets.  If you do not attack your assigned target, don't expect to be in the next war. Read the Clan Mail for your target.
  2. You must use both attacks.  If you will not be able to attack, update your clan settings to opt out of the war.
  3. Clan Castles will be filled by the leaders.  We only want max level troops in the CCs.
Who can participate:  Anyone can participate in the wars, unless your base is rushed.  Rushed bases creates harder wars, so we try to max out everything before upgrading the Town Hall.
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Information for our Clash of Clans Clan! (Entertainment)

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