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We need an easy fast way for people to ask questions and comment about the service we offer, and suggest or even get involved in ways we could improve. We think that an on-line group has an advantage over a group that meets face to face every couple of months. Bear in mind that there is a privacy or confidentiality issue here: even though the members list is only visible to other members, people will still be able to see fairly publicly that you are a member and may be a patient at the Surgery. You can leave at any time. We will try to confine the list to local people who may have an interest, and preferably but not exclusively to our patients. A couple of ground rules: This is not a forum to air grievances or complaints. We take complaints very seriously and deal with them immediately and you should contact us directly in person, by telephone or in writing. This is not a fan club. We want people to feel they can make constructive or challenging suggestions and have the ability to raise issues without fear of criticism or come-back. The general tone has to remain civilized and we reserve the right to decide what is civilized and what isn’t. We cannot discuss medical questions or personal issues here under any circumstances. If you'd like to find out more about patient participation you can visit the website of the National Association of Patient Participation Rustlings Road Surgery Sheffield S11 7AB 0845 121 2252 (Health)

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