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Two Minds Think ; One Heart Beats is a community for those affected by mental illness, including Family and Friends who desire to learn more about Mental Health stigma and support. We all know that Mental Illness is still a taboo in many parts of world, including the United States. This is a place where you can take your mask off, among peers who want to offer wisdom, share emotion, and find friends that "get it". The aim of this group is to be a comfortable corner, where thoughts can decompress and concerns can be shared.


Mental illness does not discriminate, but people do. Due to the sensitive nature of this medical and personal information, every precaution is being taken so that there's no one here to judge, make fun, or scold you. In an effort to defend against Trolls and other Negative-Nancies, this group is application only currently. Please let me know any Email addresses and names of other people you feel would benefit from this experience, as the system will eventually become invitation only. As well, As this place is one of support, please report any individuals or posts that are overtly negative derogatory towards people on this forum. If you ever feel that the well-being of a peer is threatened or in danger, please notify the proper local authorities or the National Suicide Prevention LifeLine @ 1 (800) 273 - 8255.


Thank you for sharing your stories with us, everyone has a lesson to teach.

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The purpose of this group is to encourage those effected by mental illness to speak out and share their personal experiences and concerns with peers who can understand what it's like to face the stigma of mental illness. Use this group as a sounding board, a place to vent, a place where people won't judge you for your bad days, and a place to celebrate the accomplishments and personal growth. We just get it here. (Health)

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