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Welcome to fourelements, 

                      A Group set in the health section :: 

                          But we have a bit more than Health,
A bit about Mind , Body, and Spirit...we are made up of all three..

A group where we can share info!

How herbs and ess oils will help with our daily Life....

If you think you would fit in
would Love to have you join...

Making our way though Life.........
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Essential oils from herbs is a natural infection fighter and bateria buster!! My passions is to help inform everyone that the Good News essential oils from herbs and spices have an advantages...and help our bodies heal...I continue to add news to our studies are being done every day...Please come join us..we aren't just about oils and herbs, we talk about spirit, mind and body.....we are made up of all..Love to meet new friends to become an internet family....prayer chains, vent board...articles from channeled souces...and much more... (Health)

127 active member(s)

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