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Welcome To BlueLightEmployees. This Community has been created solely for current, or former employees of Kmart, or Sears Holdings to discuss issues important to them. If you are a current, or former employee, we would like to welcome you to our community. Applications to the community are screened, keeping this a community free of spam, and stray lunatics, for whom message boards are a hobby. To apply, simply click to post, and your application will be reviewed by a manager; be sure to state your connection to Kmart, or Sears when you apply for membership. We look forward to having you become a member! This website is not officially sanctioned by Kmart, no one on here speaks for Kmart or SHLD. For most members our past has included many years of dedicated service helping customers, and making friends. The years have brought joys, and great pleasure when Kmart was number 1, and sadly, hurt and pain during the years of decline. We share a common thread in this short life. May whatever we share here remind us that we were a big part in a great organization. May our children find experiences just as worthy to remember. (Business)

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