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Welcome to The Geoengineering Debate. The main objective of this debate is to explore the social and ethical issues raised by Geoengineering proposals. We will provide assistance to this debate by moderating the several posts published. We would like to invite you to express yourself in an informal way, sharing with us your ideas, thoughts, stories, concerns and believes about Geoengineering technologies. If you haven't watched the introduction video yet, we invite you to do so. This video raises several questions about the development of geoengineering technologies. The purpose is to help you reflect about some implications (positive and negative) of these technologies, but you are free to express and share with us other thoughts and ideas. To participate in the forum just add a new comment or reply to a published post. To start the discussion, we would like to ask what thoughts and ideas come to your mind after watching the introduction video. Write about those thoughts that strike you the most. (Science and History)

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