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This group provides everything you know from the biggest Mario Tennis Open Facebook group you probably already know and takes it even further: Chat, events, discussions and much more!
Because the usage between Facebook and non Facebook users sometimes gets very complicated I'd like to provide to you all a new solution I worked on lately. It combines all the functions you had here on facebook and brings new functions like discussion sections and chat into it - all in one place. The whole transfer has been made. You will find all the events, files, rules, friend code lists and rankings there. I really hope you like the new advantages. This facebook site still will continued as transfer page from Facebook to the new group.

Some of the new things you will find in the new group:
- Discussion sites (also about other topics)
- Earning of experience points
- Rankings, tournaments and friend codes are listed separately for America and Europe
- You will get your own profile page
- A usefull chat function
- PM possibility to ALL users
- and much more!..

To all admins: I will also add you there to the admin group.

I hope you'll give it a try! See you there!
 Joining is easy. Press "Join Groupbox" or press HERE. above! Please use your Facebook name at first. Later you can set a display name. Thank you and have fun!
Benji, MTU
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This is the official related group to the biggest international Mario Tennis Open group on facebook Trough this group on groupbox it should get easier to interact with people outside from facebook trough Chats, Forums etc. all combined in one and also more be payed attention on privacy. Here is a group for people who either own, or are planning to get Mario Tennis Open for 3DS. You can chat with group members, challenge them to matches, and have a blast. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS OR IMAGES SEEN IN MARIO TENNIS OPEN! MARIO TENNIS OPEN BELONGS TO NINTENDO AND NINTENDO 3DS! History: Mario Tennis began when Nintendo brought Mario Tennis to Nintendo 64. The graphics were great and awesome, but the shots were like if you charge and try to hit, you'd die down. Later, Nintendo brought Mario Power Tennis to Gamecube. The graphics were clearer and the shot play was better, but no character customisation was avalible. Also, Mario Tennis Power Tour was released for Game Boy Advance. There were 2 main characters. The game was simply easy. Nintendo also made a New Play Control: Mario Power Tennis for Wii. Same stuff, but with Wii remotes. And now we're here. May 20th, Mario Tennis Open was released for Nintendo 3DS. With NEW play control, shots, characters, and Mii customization, this Mario Tennis game could be the best one yet! There is also Online Play where you can play with friends or others! Please add your friend code to the list as a first and add everyone else. Be nice to the other members and play fair: love all, play! You can take part on our continental contest (you can only play with people from your continent version liike JP, EU/AU or America) (Games)

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