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This is a journal board where you can feel safe and secure to share intimate and personal thoughts and fears, hopes and dreams.





We are a private group for survivors, and we hope you will feel safe and at home here. Our aim is to provide a place where you can grow and heal from the abuse you live with and/or have survived. We have an enormous amount of information about domestic violence, personal growth and various other topics on our Article Board, as well as many links to help lines and support centers.


Email: If an abuser has access to your email account, he or she may be able to read your incoming and outgoing mail. If you believe your account is secure, make sure you choose a password he or she will not be able to guess.

If an abuser sends you threatening or harassing email messages, they may be printed and saved as evidence of this abuse. Additionally, the messages may constitute a federal offense. For more information on this issue, contact your local United States Attorney's Office.

History/Cache Files: If an abuser knows how to read your computer's history or cache file (automatically saved web pages and graphics), he or she may be able to see information you have viewed recently on the internet.

You can clear your history or empty your cache file in your browser's settings.*

  • Netscape:
    Pull down Edit menu, select Preferences. Click on Navigator and choose 'Clear History'. Click on Advanced then select Cache. Click on 'Clear Disk Cache'.

On older versions of Netscape: Pull down Options menu. Select Network Options. Select Cache. Click on 'Clear Disk Cache'.

  • Internet Explorer:
    Pull down View menu, select Internet Options. On General page, under Temporary Internet Files, click on 'Delete Files'. Under History click on 'Clear History'.
  • AOL:
    Pull down Members menu, select Preferences. Click on WWW icon. Then select Advanced. Purge Cache.


  • Be aware that your information is shared with others you do not know on groups such as Facebook, Aimoo and other Blog boards.
* This information may not completely hide your tracks. Many browser types have features that display recently visited sites. The safest way to find information on the internet, would be at a local library, a friend's house, or at work.

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A support group for women only...who have survived or are living with abuse in their lives. We welcome survivors of childabuse, DV, marital abuse, rape and all other forms of abuse. We offer support, friendship and understanding. Please note...."We are not a counseling service". We are survivors of abuse ourselves. (Health)

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