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Welcome to the You In Bloom, May Cause Miracles Group! 

Thank you for having the courage to take the step towards becoming a miracle worker! With May Cause Miracles, you can expect incredible transformation in 40 powerful days: simply by adding up subtle shifts to create miraculous change. This is a concise, fun, contemporary, and intelligent guide to breakdown the limited self and expand into the full expression of who you really are. The knowledge shows you the door and the yellow brick road.  Your only job is to be willing to open your mind, quiet the ego, and expand your heart’s capacity to love! Once you shift your consciousness, then, “Expect Miracles”.
You’ll start noticing the synchronicities and the path with reveal itself.
In addition, there is an option to take the 21-Day Meditation challenge with
Oprah and Deepak Chopra. Those of you who are taking that challenge can share
your experiences within this group on a daily basis as well.
Thanks or visiting, I hope you join!

You In Bloom
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Join me and friends as we read and follow the 40-day guidebook May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein. This online group will begin Monday, August 5th which is also the start date for the 21-Day Mediation Challenge with Oprah and Deepak Chopra; mentioned in my last blog post 21-Day Meditation Challenge which the group will also be participating in. Gabrielle Bernstein is a New York Times Bestseller and the author of Spirit Junkie and Add More ~Ing to Your Life. May Cause Miracles is a 40-day guidebook of subtle shifts for radical change and unlimited happiness. By joining this group and being an active member you can expect transformation in 40 days: simply by adding up subtle shifts to create miraculous change! (Health)

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