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Welcome to Partners In Pain!  You have found a support group like no other.  We are more of a family than a group of Internet aquaintances, or even friends.  Unfortunately, there are two things that qualify you to be a member of this group 1) You personally suffer from chronic pain, or 2) You care for someone who suffers from chronic pain.
I understand that it can be a bit uncomfortable at first getting involved with people you do not know, so if it makes you more comfortable,  just read the posts for a while....before long you will find yourself responding to the posts and becoming more and more involved.  Here you will see that you will not only receive the support you need, but you will be treated with kindness, understanding, compassion, caring, and love. 
Partners In Pain has been dedicated to Jesus Christ.  We are a Christian based group; however, everyone is welcome.  No one will preach to you, but they will pray for you.  I truly believe that the dedication of this group to God is a huge part of the success of the support the members are able to give to each other.  I also believe that there are many other members that share that feeling with me.
The Website itself does take some time to become used to.  "Seat time" is the best way to learn.  If you look to the top, you will see the Discussions tab.  This will take you to the boards where we post and respond, the Group Wall where you can leave a note to the other members, access to the live chat, or to our Buzz Board.  The Buzz Board offers many links with incredible information for those with disabilities and covers a very wide range of information.
Please take the time to read the Welcome Board by clicking on the tab at the top, and following the links from there.  This covers our basic rules and disclaimers of our group.  Once you have read this, simply reply that you have read and agree/understand - however you want to state it.
I encourage you to go through the members list and send out friend's request so you can share private messages with other members.
If you have any questions or comments regarding the group, you may contact any staff member for assistance.
On behalf of all the staff and members of Partners in Pain, Welcome to our Group!
The Staff Members of PIP ~ Sara, Ron, Dee, Mary, Lori, and Bernice
With much love, and God Bless ~ Reva, Manager Partners in Pain

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We are a support group for those who suffer from chronic pain & their caregivers. We are a Christian based group - but our hearts are open to everyone. We have a support group different than any other, and a very strong support system. When applying, please fill out the description area including your email address. Blank applications will be denied. Are you in chronic pain, become a Partner In Pain and find the support your need from people who care and understand. (Health)

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