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Welcome to Local Dogging Site. This group is for all those who have an interest in dogging, the act of public sex (often in cars) while others may watch or join in. The group is based in South East Michigan, but welcomes members from all over. We eventually plan to have a private members only site up and running with an interactive dogging map listing good places to go and who is going to be there, but for now we can discuss all that within the group, arrange monthly or weekly meets for dogging activity. By keeping this to members only, we will lessen the risk of someone spoiling the fun and ruining a good location. *** If joining GroupBox for the first time please be aware, there seems to be an issue with their validation system, it asks you to click a validation link and wait for them to email you a code but it never arrives. After signing up simply send an email to and within about 5-10 minutes you will be manually validated. Then you just need to update your profile, edit your location and add a photo, once done, come back here and submit your join request. *** (People)

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