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In this group we will use the “law of attraction”, an ancient understanding used to take hold of our lives and guide one's life by the simple use of intention and intelligence. We will use the understanding of the "law of attraction" as expressed in the books "The Power” by Rhonda Byrne and “Use the Force” by Joshua Warren. Through personal experience I have come to believe in the “law of attraction” which holds that life is a mirror in that what you project into the universe is what you receive. It’s as simple as that. Gaining control of the "power" or “force” is simply taking control of what you project. The law of attraction is already at work in your life and in fact has created the life that you have. Using the "law of attraction" is simple, the hard part may be letting go your own disbelief. We have all been taught to think that life is certain way for example: life is hard, I’m not smart enough, money is scarce, people are heartless, murphy’s law, etc., etc., And the life that returns to you reinforces your beliefs. You get to be right about the world you created! But to be right is one thing, to be fulfilled is another. The universe cares not how your life carries out, it simply echo’s back what you put into it. But it is not necessarily hard to undo these habits of mind we have learned. In fact you can’t undo them, all you have to do is start acting in new ways and the old beliefs will undo themselves. This is the way the Power or the Life force works. It is very straight forward. Our meetings will be kept to a small number of people(max 9) and very short and to the point. I have lead many meetings in my career and I will be glad to facilitate. I will give a short review of the ”law of attraction” and then guide each of us in declaring one thing we wish to create in our lives before the next meeting. I will make sure we start out simple. The life force takes time to get control of and you must start at the beginning with baby steps. You may have many things you wish to create but I will hold you to just one simple thing for now. We will review the goal to ensure the wording and meaning is in line with the "law of attraction" and conforms to the pace of our world. In other words to find a lost item may be achievable in a week, to create your first million dollars is not. The universe will bend to your force but you must give it the time it needs to find and bring these things to you. Then when when we meet next each will review the results, we will record the results and create the next goal when the first has been completed. I suggest you read “The Power” and “Use the Force” but if you don’t have time it’s OK for I will give you a brief overview and we will get started. The law of attraction is very straight forward and does not require a great quest and labor to gain control of it. In fact it is already creating the life that you have. I am successful software developer currently redefining the next stage of my life. I am no longer content to write software but wish to create something more meaningful in my life and starting this group is part of that process of creation. According to the law of attraction and many ancient wisdoms to give sincerely and with good heart to the world will open the way for the world to do the same back to you. (Health)

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