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Welcome to The Scholarly Moose.  This site was created as a tool to help Christian Homeschoolers in New Hampshire make connections and share resources.
Jump right in and introduce yourself .... I know there are not many members yet, but we have to start let's be faithful in the small things. 
Post Meet-Ups... Meet-Ups are simply things like a planned park day, hiking a trail, going skating or to other public places, where you can arrange to meet up with other Homeschoolers. It's an informal, fun way of fellowship. 
Plan and post field trips; be as formal or informal about this as you like.
Swap ideas and ask questions.
Post positive information on local Christian Homeschool Support Groups, Coops, Book Sales, etc.
Barter skills.  I love the idea of bartering skills...I did this with a friend a few years ago:  she gave my kids piano lessons, while I taught hers sewing...and it was FREE.  Afterward we hung out and talked while our kids played.  Win-Win!!  The possibilities are endless:  archery, Mindstorms, guitar, sewing, art, cooking, knitting, woodworking, cake decorating, etc.
Offer Homeschool Day at your House! Is there something that your family does that could be interesting to other tapping maples, raising animals, building catapults, drama?  Then consider hosting a Homeschool Day at your house!  Invite your local homeschooling community to your house and demonstrate your family "thing," then have snacks!
Post opportunities and events that you feel would be beneficial to the Local Homeschool Community. These might be ongoing or one-time events.
Post your old curriculum for sale.  Or if you give lessons that would be of, sewing, woodworking, archery , etc., please let us know. 
Share this site with other Christian Homeschoolers you know...the more members the more opportunities for connections. 
Criticize others.  This site is for the building up and encouragement of others. Also, while this is a Christian site there may be differing spiritual views.  This is NOT the place to hash those out. Be respectful and treat others as you would like them to treat you if they were to feel you were wrong about an issue.
Post spam, such as how to start your own business in 3 easy steps. I don't think it's wrong to share your business...personally I WANT to know if someone in the Homeschooling community gave archery lessons...but I don't want my mailbox full of commercials. 
Thanks for joining!
Joy  aka....Simcha
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A group to help local homeschoolers network with each other for meet-ups, park dates, field trip, classes, bartering of skills, and other opportunities. (Schools and Education)

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