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Groupbox is a free website for online groups.

A website for online groups.

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1. Create an account on Groupbox
All you need to join Groupbox is a valid email address. The signup process is just one page with a few simple details like your name, password and email address.

2. Create a new online group
Online groups on Groupbox are like mini-communities. You can customize the look of your group by selecting a design template, and upload your group logo.

3. Invite people to your group
You can easily control who can join or view your online group.

Simple 1 page signup.
Use Groupbox because it's free, and easy

Groupbox is probably the easiest and most feature packed online group website available.

It is so simple to start your own online group. You just select a name for your group, and enter a few details - the Groupbox website will then setup your new group for you to start customizing straight away.

You can include widgets from other websites on your group homepage.

Why is Groupbox free?

Groupbox generates revenue by placing advertisments on your group pages.

Simple 1 page to create a new group.
An example of an online group

When you create your own group on Groupbox you can customize how it looks (by selecting a design template) and control the features that it's member can use.

You can also easily control who joins your group and who does not.

Example online group
Groupbox - more features than other online groups

Groupbox is a good alternative to other online group websites because it offers many more features for online group members to use.

Signup to Groupbox to start your own online group

You need to signup to join other people online groups also.

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Groupbox is a free website.

Join and start your own online group.

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Create a new group
  • 1. Create an account on Groupbox
  • 2. Setup your group
  • 3. Invite people to join your new group

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